Videos from 2018

A selection of videos recorded from the 2018 event are available to view below:

Dr. Gemma Newman – ‘Diabetes: the modern epidemic. How to use the power of your plate to prevent and reverse Type 2 diabetes’:

Laila Kassam – ‘Deeping our understanding and practice of veganism’:

Dr Gemma Newman – ‘Medical Mythbusting: What to say to friends and family when they worry about your health as a vegan’:


LMK Imagery:

Derek Simnett:



Jisu Mee: 

Alex & Maddie:

Maddie Lymburner: 

Micky Vegan:

Professor Amir Kassam:

Andrew Prod:


Lena Elisa:

Blue Ollis:

Viamalama by Ally:

Dr. Shireen Kassam speaking:


Hench Herbivore: