Ben Asamani

Ben Asamani

Head chef of vegan restaurant 222 Vegan Cuisine

Ben is an internationally-renowned vegan chef with a tremendous talent for cooking food which makes people happy! He has been running his own kitchen at various London restaurants for more than 15 years.

Ben has been a committed vegan since he was a teenager and is passionate about helping people to enjoy the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. He is not the kind of chef who hides away in the kitchen! If you have any questions, requests or comments he will do his best to help.


Vegan Entrepreneurs Panel

A panel of vegan entrepreneurs discuss the challenges behind running a vegan business and share their own insights.

Hosted by Shashi Ioannides & Karin Ridgers

Guests: Ben Asamani, Omari McQueen, Julianne Ponan, Dolores Rubio-Turtle

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Quinoa & Spinach "Meatballs" & Steamed Vegetables with Pumpkin "Cheese" Sauce

Ben Asamani from famed London vegan restaurant 222 Vegan Cuisine will demonstrate two simple and versatile recipes. You will learn how to make vegan meatballs and cheese sauce, and how these can be used to enhance many different dishes.

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