Clare Mann

Clare Mann

Vegan Psychologist & Author of Vystopia: The Anguish of Being Vegan in a Non Vegan World

Clare Mann is an Australian-based vegan psychologist, communications trainer and animal rights campaigner. She consults with people all over the world to help address the personal and social challenges of being vegan and living in a non-vegan world and is the author of Vystopia: The Anguish of Being Vegan in a Non Vegan World.

A bestselling author of many other titles, Clare runs public and in-house training programs in communication, team-building and ethical leadership for corporations, SMEs and animal rights organisations in Australia, and regularly appears on TV and in the press. An experienced keynote speaker, Clare is regularly sought out to present at vegan and animal rights conferences, rallies and festivals, and is the co-founder of the Vegan Voices smartphone app, a free 30-day video communications training for vegans.


Vystopia: Overcoming the Anguish of Living in a Non-Vegan World

Do you suffer from Vystopia? You probably do if you’re distressed by greed, animal exploitation and speciesism and people’s trance-like actions that collude with it. In this talk, Clare Mann, vegan psychologist provides you with tools to understand and explain the depth of your anguish and how to transmute this into powerful action so you become an influential vegan and animal activist.

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Thriving as a Vegan: Mental Health and Communication

Burn-out and hopelessness is all too common in animal activism. What strategies and techniques can we implement so we don’t re-traumatise ourselves unnecessarily and become despairing with the “burden of knowing”?  Learn how neuroscience  can help activists create empowering habits and mindset that enhance motivation and communication effectiveness.

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What to Do When You Don’t Know Everything as an Animal Rights Activist or Vegan

We can’t be an expert in all areas of animal activism. We all have our specialties and our specific areas of interest we tend to know more about. What happens when someone asks you a question you don’t know how to answer? Learn how to respond to people to keep them in the conversation, keep yourself calm in the process and get them saying, “That’s interesting. Tell me more!”

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