Deepa Devlukia

Deepa Devlukia

Conscious Parenting Coach, Film Maker & Vegan Parent

Deepa runs an Instagram page called GirlBoyFoodBaby through which she shares experiences and thoughts for millennials on raising conscious kids, kindly. She also creates plant-based and refined sugar-free recipes. Deepa’s work and videos have been featured by the Huffington Post, Mumsnet, Channel Mum and the BBC. She is a keen animal rights advocate and lives a plant-based lifestyle with her husband and her baby.  She spends most days trying to find some sort of balance between working and being a conscious, present parent, wife, daughter and human.


How To Raise a Conscious Vegan Child

Deepa Devlukia – conscious parenting vlogger and vegan parent – will be talking about raising a vegan child from a conscious and gentle parenting perspective./The talk will cover topics including:/Educating your child about veganism – focusing on positive association/The challenges of raising vegan kids and how to deal with them; and/Teaching your children to eat and enjoy delicious plant based food.

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