Dr. Aryan Tavakkoli

Dr. Aryan Tavakkoli

Consultant Physician and Functional Medicine Doctor. Founder of Quantum Clinic

Dr Tavakkoli has over 15 years’ expertise as a hospital consultant and is also a Functional Medicine doctor. She combines these skills with her knowledge of Integrative Medicine to offer a progressive approach to cancer.

Dr Tavakkoli runs an integrative cancer programme at Quantum Clinic, East Sussex, using a multi-faceted approach to address the underlying causative factors.

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Quantum Clinic is located in East Sussex

Website: https://quantumclinic.co.uk

Email: reception@quantumclinic.co.uk

Tel: 01825 841155

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/functionalmedicine

12:00pm (BSL interpretation available)

Cancer: What you can do about it

There is so much that can be done to place one in the best position for recovery from cancer. Yet these interventions are often overlooked in conventional medicine, even though there are sound studies showing their impact on cancer. /In this talk, Dr Tavakkoli will share insights to empower people who have been affected by cancer, which can be used immediately, including:/What do people who survive terminal cancer have in common? /What are some well-researched anti-cancer therapies that you are unlikely to hear about from your doctor?/What are the four pillars of health?/This talk will offer useful information for anyone affected by cancer.

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