Jennifer Eric

Jennifer Eric

Jenny is the founder of the vegan restaurant My Kitch’n Paris, which is currently run as a non-profit. The restaurant has been open for over 5 years, and was a precursor to the now booming vegan restaurant scene in France. The project started out as a market stall in the covered market down the street from the current location, in a neighborhood that is slated to become the new judicial district of Paris.

Before starting her own business, she helped restructure or set-up and launch various high-end hospitality and entertainment industry projects in dreamy locations such as Ibiza, Los Angeles and Dubai.

Jenny has been formally schooled in pertinent advocacy subjects and draws on academic knowledge in subjects such as botany, cultural anthropology, oceanography consumer behavior and feminism in her day-to-day activism, speeches and lectures.

She holds a BA in Political Science from UCLA, with a minor in Mass Communication, and a MBA specialized in Marketing from a French business school.

During her BA she focused on pre-law and communication. She studied global environmental politics, jurisprudence, legal and political communication extensively.

During her MBA she focused on branding, consumer behavior, creating and launching new products and services. She wrote her Master’s Thesis about Ibiza, which was known as a, “Hedonistic hellhole” at the time…

A life-long lover of animals, she has refrained from meat and dairy most of her life. As many people, she felt zero empathy for fish however and so did not mind sushi when eating out, up until environmental reasoning (plastic ocean pollution and overfishing) made her come to her senses and go fully vegan.

She has authored two vegan books, “Feed your face: change your fuel”, and, “Protein: less is more”, available at the Vegetarian Guides booth here at VegFest UK.


Food Activism and Vegan Entrepreneurship

This talk will cover the following:

a. What is food activism?
b. What are we trying to accomplish by food activism?
c. Why become a vegan entrepreneur?
d. How do you account for/balance the books for a revolution?
e. How much does it cost to change the world?
f. From « Greenwashing » to « Veganwashing »
g. How to strive for intersectionality, without homogenization

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This talk will cover the following:

a. Sexism and specism in advertising
b. Are animal bodies comestible and necessary for human survival?
c. Is it manly to eat meat?
d. We examine the word ‘pleasure’ when it comes to food consumption
e. Eating meat is inherently violent, that’s why we attribute wording such as, ‘masculine’ and ‘virile’ to meat consumption
f. How do you sell such violence? You guessed it: keyword is SEX! In meat advertising, farmed animals replace human women as consumable beings
g. ‘A piece of meat’ is interchangeably a human female, and another comestible being

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