Keith Abraham

Keith Abraham

Tai Chi instructor

Keith is a military veteran turned peaceful warrior. As a teacher of Tai Chi and self-development, he also offers thought-provoking new ideas about spirituality and greater self-mastery. Keith’s experiences fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan led him to question the basis for conflict and how we perceive masculinity and courage.

Swapping the intensity of war for that of the corporate world, Keith joined J.P. Morgan and, in the midst of this high-pressure environment, discovered meditation and the Internal Martial Art of Tai Chi. These powerful new tools helped him process and redefine his life experiences, while gradually changing his reactions to emotions and stress.

Now, through his blog, podcasts, teaching, and mentoring, Keith aims to help others learn greater self-mastery by discussing topics like compassion, forgiveness, gratitude, and the power of vulnerability

Keith on veganism: “For me, veganism is a conscious, compassionate yet simple act that has far-reaching and profound consequences. It not only serves our own health and well-being but that of all other sentient creatures and Earth itself”


Tai chi with Keith

Tai Chi is a Chinese Internal Martial Art originally developed in 13th-Century China, but is perhaps more commonly practiced around the world today as a health-promoting exercise, combining slow and gentle movements with synchronised breathing.

Tai Chi has been shown to reduce anxiety, stress, lower back pain, joint pain, headaches, sleeping disorders and arthritis, among many other benefits. Tai Chi can also increase mobility, flexibility, balance and mental quietude. In addition, Tai Chi has been shown to improve aerobic capacity, increased energy levels and build muscle strength.


This instructor of this class no less than a hero! Keith, a war veteran, who served in Afghanistan, made a drastic shift in his lifestyle as he embraced Taichi and veganism. He says “After years of heartbreak from the loss of comrades in Afghanistan, the anger of several failed relationships, the pain of an abused body and the anxiety of not knowing what to do with my life, I found a tool that offered me a path to greater self-mastery – Tai Chi. Tai Chi’s graceful, fluid movements offers you time and space to do, not think; to move and act without hesitation. Tai Chi focuses the mind, exercises the body and can even help you manage reactions to strong emotions.”

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Qi Gong with Keith

Qigong (also called as chi gung or chi kung) is an ancient Chinese exercise and healing technique. The first part “Qi” translates as vital energy, information, breath or spirit and “gong” means skill cultivated through steady practice. Simply put, it’s  mind-body-spirit practice that improves one’s mental and physical health by integrating posture, meditation , controlled movement and breathing, and focused intent.

Taught by Keith Abraham, the Qigong class will be composed of standing postures and simple movements that will stretch the body, soften the mind and build awareness of the link between the two.

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