Luca Marshall Fent

Luca Marshall Fent

Vegan Calisthenics Athelete & Vivo Life Ambassador

Ciao! My name is Luca, I’m an Italian calisthenics athlete and certificated personal trainer. Five years ago I came to a point in life where I needed a change. That’s when I decided to go vegan because of ethical and healthy reasons.

My thought has always been that the body is an amazing machine that allows us to do extraordinary things. I help people around the world to change their lifestyle, starting with a healthy plant-based nutrition and a customised training program.

Today I’m trying to live my athletic lifestyle with a Spondyloarthritis disease, curing myself only with a raw vegan diet, and at the same time continuing to gain muscle mass.


Spondyloarthritis & Athletic Lifestyle - My Personal Journey

The Spondyloarthritis is autoimmune disease that hit around 2% of the Caucasian population.

To hear from a doctor, that you won’t be able to train or move as you have been all your life, is hard. The fact that there’s no cure today is even harder. Training is what I love to do and to teach, so I decided to use my knowledge to be able to keep my life as it was.

I left the traditional treatments, with the thoughts that the right diet can give the body a chance to solve this kind of problem itself. This talk is for sharing my experience in the raw vegan diet and fasting world to ease this autoimmune disease.

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2:00pm (BSL interpretation available)

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