Maria Chiorando

Maria Chiorando

Editor and Journalist; Head of written content at Plant Based News

Maria Chiorando is the editor of Vegan Trade Journal, the UK’s only plant-based B2B magazine. She also edits two consumer titles – Vegan Life, and Cook Vegan. A former features writer and newspaper reporter, Maria has written extensively on vegan issues, as well as politics, culture, and agriculture.

Vegan Trade Journal:


Veganism in the media - an enduring trend or a passing fad?

‘Veganism is becoming a bigger and bigger deal for the mainstream media but will this interest continue, or will the media move on to a different story? Two vegan journalists – Chas Newkey-Burden of The Guardian and Maria Chiorando of Plant Based News – explore this question and discuss how the vegan movement can get the most out of this media interest.’

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