Michelle Baxter Wickham

Michelle Baxter Wickham

Animal Equality Campaigns Manager

Michelle is active within the animal protection arena.  She transitioned from veggie to vegan after rehoming ex-commercial hens and learning more about the egg and dairy industries.  Michelle has gained a wealth of experience in the voluntary and statutory sectors, with a focus on sight loss, homelessness, and asylum / refugee law.  In her spare time, she volunteers for Parkrun and the British Hen Welfare Trust, and is kept busy by Sorrel cat, the chickens and running. Michelle joined Animal Equality in April 2018.


Dairy Dark Secrets: Undercover Investigations on British Dairy Farms

Animal Equality’s investigations inside British dairy farms hit the headlines in 2016, 2017 and 2018, shocking many Brits and challenging the idyllic image of dairy farming. Come and hear about the hidden and often horrible practices that cows and calves experience before eventually ending up at the slaughterhouse. You’ll never look at a glass of the white stuff the same way again!

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