Mike Kelson

Mike Kelson

Vegan Comedian

Vegan and all-round entertainer Mike Kelson is a comedy writer and performer, actor and singer, and will be hosting this year’s Comedy after taking the reins at Brighton, Bristol and London Vegfests along with a number of music and comedy festivals in the south of England over the last three years.

A regular performer on the circuit and on radio, his cheeky stories and one-liners have been described as ‘subtle as a brick’ and his quips ‘as quick as a wink’. He is however often upstaged by his dog, Harry, which is why he has vowed you’ll never see them performing together live.


Star Quiz

VegfestUK presenter Karin Ridgers and comedian Mike Kelson play host to a quiz between 2 star-studded panels. This light-hearted quiz will test the knowledge of our guests across a multitude of topics on veganism.


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