Piers Warren & Ella Bee Glendining

Piers Warren & Ella Bee Glendining

Piers Warren and Ella Bee Glendining are a father and daughter team who are both experienced vegan cooks.

Piers is a conservationist, author and keen grower of organic fruit and vegetables. He is the founder and Principal of Wildeye – The International School of Wildlife Film-making – and has written a dozen books, including the bestselling How to Store Your Garden Produce, plus hundreds of magazine articles. He has a long interest in self-sufficiency and permaculture and is convinced that growing your own food and following a vegan lifestyle are important contributions to lowering your carbon footprint and living more lightly on the Earth. He is on the council of GreenSpirit.

Ella Bee is a passionate advocate of animal rights, having been vegetarian since the age of five and making the transition to veganism several years ago. She’s spent much time since experimenting with different ingredients and developing delicious new recipes. Ella is also a film-maker and physical theatre performer.

1:00 - 2:00

Don’t Just Eat Vegan - Grow Vegan

Piers and Ella, authors of The Vegan Cook & Gardener, talk about how you can grow some of your own food at home in an ethical, organic and vegan way. No matter how small your garden you can produce some of your own seasonal healthy cruelty-free food.

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