Robert Webster

Robert Webster

Robert Webster (Vegan Physique on YouTube) has been vegan now for 2 years, and has sought to demonstrate that meat-eating bodybuilders are wrong in their assumption that animal products are required to build muscle and lose fat. His focus is on helping those looking to transition from a typical animal-based diet to a successful plant-based lifestyle, by breaking down exactly how they can go about replacing protein and other macronutrients with 100% vegan foods. He had very much bought into the indoctrination of the fitness industry which led him to frown upon the idea of building a good physique as a vegan. However, thanks to his girlfriend’s encouragement, he felt an obligation to make the switch and has never looked back since. By experimenting on his own body and figuring out what does and doesn’t work, he is able to help others who are in a similar situation, and allow them to start making all kinds of vegan gains, all kinds.


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