Sarah-Jane Crawford

Sarah-Jane Crawford

TV Presenter & Radio Host

SarahJane has been presenting live TV and radio for over a decade and remains one of the leading lights of British entertainment, music and more recently vegan culture.


She currently hosts the evening show for the brand new national radio station Hits Radio and in Jan 2018 launched a vegan app onto the Apple store.
A presenter, voice over artist, DJ, actress and now vegan tech entrepreneur! But where did it all start for the southeast London native?


Well, she’s loved for her broadcasting style which remains effortless and friendly, and can best be described as sharp and effervescent, certainly owing to her honing her skills over 8 years at BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra, as she hosted her own prime time weekly daytime show.


Her TV credits make for an impressive list from hosting to UK and US audiences for E! News covering shows such as the BAFTAs red carpet and in May 2018 the Royal Wedding – to perhaps most notably being recruited by Simon Cowell to host the Xtra Factor spin off show on the world famous X-Factor on ITV.


In 2015 SarahJane became a vegan after trying out a 21 day challenge on her radio show which was initially just for fun.
In Jan 2018 she released onto the Apple store her own Vegan app called Viappi  (a restaurant and recipe database) as a result of her lifestyle and desire to make veganism easier for everyone to follow.


She was also the international ambassador for vegan charity Veganuary for 2018 which she was seen on a poster campaign across the UK, the US and Australia. In August 2018, she graced the cover of Healthy Living magazine too.


May the world make way for veg-entrepreneur SarahJane Crawford!


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