Shakiba Moghadam

Shakiba Moghadam

Shakiba is a competitive amateur boxer and runner and has been a raw vegan for the last three years. Shakiba has trained and competed in amateur boxing for the last three years and placed herself top two in the country for her weight and experience category in 2015. She is also a competitive runner and usually places top 10 in 10K and 5K races across the country. She also keeps active by training in calisthenics.

Alongside her sports and activities, Shakiba has completed a Master’s of Science in Sport and Exercise Psychology from the University of Portsmouth and is currently working towards her PhD investigating the mental health literacy of Rugby Union players.

Shakiba currently manages Muscle Up Gym in Southampton alongside her partner, and has worked as a research assistant and part time lecturer in Sport and Exercise Psychology and Psychology at the University of Portsmouth. Shakiba will be presenting at the Vegan Festival about why vegan athletes are seen as “different” in today’s fitness industry.


The Vegan Athlete: Why are We Seen as “Different” in Today’s Fitness Industry?

Shakiba’s talk will highlight the “sticky” label effect of being a vegan athlete in the fitness industry and how this leads to misconceptions of an athlete’s ability and performance in training and competitions. She will also uncover the pros and cons of labelling in the fitness industry.

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