TJ Waterfall

TJ Waterfall

Registered nutritionist specialising in vegan nutrition

TJ Waterfall is a registered nutritionist specialising in vegan nutrition. He’s the founder of where he provides the most trustworthy and unbiased information necessary to help people get the most out of their vegan / vegetarian diets in order to reach their health and fitness goals. He loves debunking the myths surrounding getting fit on a plant-based diet using science-based evidence. He constantly assesses the latest / best available research, always considering both sides of any argument, to provide his followers with the best available advice.


TJ is a moral vegan and is passionate about spreading the vegan message. Helping thousands of his followers to get the most out of their diets to become healthier, happier, and fitter is one of the best ways to inspire and motivate others to consider a plant-based diet, which in turn can have a huge impact on saving animals’ lives and reducing our impact on the environment. Together we can really help to make the world a better place!


He also creates delicious vegan recipes, nutrition guides, fitness tips and lifestyle hacks to help people on their meat-free journey. Check him out on Instagram @tj_waterfall and Twitter @tjwaterfall

1:00pm (BSL interpretation available)

Why do vegans live longer? A scientific overview

Covering the scientific evidence of why a plant-based diet can be incredibly healthy and presented in an interactive and visual way to ensure the audience are informed positively. The main aim is to provide reassurance for vegans / vegetarians / those contemplating a plant-based diet that the science shows it can be one of the healthiest ways to live. It will also enable the audience to speak with confidence when others may question the nutritional adequacy of a vegan diet.

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