Tony Martin became veggie in 1978 and then vegan in 1986 for the sake of the animals. He has always been interested in gardening since sampling real food grown in his grandparents garden when he was about 8. After growing for 13 years in a 1/20 of an acre garden in Derbyshire he decided he needed a bigger play space and 15 years ago brought 5.5 acres of Welsh hillside and planted over 12,500 trees and hundreds of fruit bushes. A year ago he took over as editor of the Vegan Organic Network magazine Growing Green International (GGI) He is interested in permaculture having completed a PDC with Aranya in 2012, organised two vegan PDCs on his land and has had articles published in GGI and Permaculture magazine.

12:00 - 1:00

Mud and Mole hills, the reality of a Welsh Small Holding

Is there a Welsh word for drought? Certainly none of my Welsh friends knew it. 15 years ago I brought 5.5 acres of mixed pastureland and woodland. This is the tale of what went wrong, what went right, ridiculous amounts of rain, welly devouring mud and moles.

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