Floor Plan

Click on the links below for floor plans of the 4 separate exhibition halls (stalls availability indicated on the maps):

For an overview of Level 1, click here for the floor plan of the adjoining halls Olympia West and Central.

For stallholders doing cooking

Please select a stall highlighted in yellow in Olympia West Level 1 – no cooking is allowed in other areas of the event.

For stallholders doing catering

Please select one of the stalls starting with CAT in the Vegan Food Village in Olympia West Level 1.

Stalls availability

Please refer to the listing below for which stalls have been booked and which stalls are still available.

Olympia West Level 1

Stall Number Saturday Sunday
CAT0 Wabi Sabi Garden  Wabi Sabi Garden 
CAT1 jog.on.tacos jog.on.tacos
CAT1A Damage Limitation Damage Limitation
CAT2 Vegan Sweet Tooth London Vegan Sweet Tooth London
CAT3 Dominion Brewery Co Dominion Brewery Co
CAT4 One Planet Pizza One Planet Pizza
CAT6 The Green Grill The Green Grill
CAT7 Vegusto Vegusto
CAT8 The Hippie Turks The Hippie Turks
CAT9 St Best Caribbean caterers St Best Caribbean caterers
CAT10 Loving Hut Loving Hut
CAT11 Ms. Cupcake Ms. Cupcake
CAT12 Pig Out Pig Out
CAT13 Herbivorous Herbivorous
CAT14 Eat Chay Eat Chay
CAT15 Greek Vegan Deli Greek Vegan Deli
CAT16 Wholesome Junkies Wholesome Junkies
CAT17 Spirichewall Spirichewall
CAT18 Juice Junkiez Juice Junkiez
CAT19 Brownins Brownins
CAT20 Chaatit Chaatit
CAT21 Mel Tropical Kitchen Mel Tropical Kitchen
CAT22 Delina Delina
CAT23 Gillie Food Gillie Food
CAT24 Hummus Soup & More Hummus Soup & More
CAT25 Lazyboy Kitchen Lazyboy Kitchen
CAT26 Island Delight Island Delight
WA0 Naturya Naturya
WA1 Upton’s Naturals Upton’s Naturals
WA3 Arancini Brothers Arancini Brothers
WA4 Booja-Booja Events Booja-Booja Events
WA5 Truviv Truviv
WB4 Garlic Growers Garlic Growers
WB5 Dipalicious Dipalicious
WB6 Alchemy Organic Super Blends Alchemy Organic Super Blends
WB7 Baking Bad Baking Bad
WC1 Hunt Investigation Team Hunt Investigation Team
WC2 Bonnie Yau’s Food Products Bonnie Yau’s Food Products
WC3 Mr Nice Pie Turmeric Merchant
WC4 Tapped Tapped
WC5 The Vegan Recipe Box Co The Vegan Recipe Box Co
WC6 Sweet Revolution Sweet Revolution
WC7 Kinda Co Kinda Co
WC8 Hoarder & Maker Alexandra Symons Jewelry
WC9 Befries Befries
WC10 The Feelgood Cafe The Feelgood Cafe
WC11 SuperfoodLx SuperfoodLx
WC12 Ringana Ringana
WD1 Black Arts Vegan Dark Matters
WD2 Frill – The Frozen Smoothie Frill – The Frozen Smoothie
WD3 Liha Beauty Liha Beauty
WD4 Rhythm108 Rhythm108
WD5 The Green Woman The Green Woman
WD6 The Vegain Bros Wallaroo Foods
WD7 Karma Bites Karma Bites
WD8 Purextracts Purextracts
WE1 Coconut Merchant Coconut Merchant
WE2 Coconut Merchant Coconut Merchant
WE3 Pudology Pudology
WE4 Hetty+Sam Hetty+Sam
WF1 Viva! Viva!
WF2 GreenBay GreenBay
WF3 I Am Nut OK I Am Nut OK
WF4 Yaoh Yaoh
WG1 Cats Protection Cats Protection
WG2 Norahs Brownies Norahs Brownies
WG3 Optiat Optiat
WG4 Ananda’s Marshmallows Ananda’s Marshmallows
WG5 The Vegan Society The Vegan Society
WG6 The Vegan Society The Vegan Society
WH1 Follow Your Heart UK Follow Your Heart UK
WH2 Wallaroo Foods Hey’s Heavenly Bakes
WH3 Soulful Food Soulful Food
WH4 Happy Cheeze Happy Cheeze
WH5 Sambazon UK Sambazon UK
WH6 Soulful Food Soulful Food
WI1 M*lkman M*lkman
WI2 Loveseitan Loveseitan
WI3 Vegan Life Magazine Vegan Life Magazine
WI4 Fit delis Fit delis
WK1 Odontella Odontella
WK2 Turmeric Turmeric
WK3 Peakz Peakz
WK4 Nu Organics GmbH Nu Organics GmbH
WL1 Pulsin Pulsin
WL2 Wing Yip Wing Yip
WL3 Freaks Of Nature Freaks Of Nature
WL4 Pure&Co Pure&Co
WL5 Good4U Good4U
WL6 Daiya Foods Daiya Foods
WM1 Turmerlicious Turmerlicious
WM2 Aquapax (Just Drinking Water) Aquapax (Just Drinking Water)
WM3 Zero Waste Club Zero Waste Club
WM4 Original Beard Co Original Beard Co
WM5 Easy Bean Easy Bean
WM6 Balanced Nature Balanced Nature
WM7 Population Matters Population Matters
WM8 Couple’a Veganz Bod’s Natural Products
WM9 The Veganists The Veganists
WM10 Madame Sunshine Madame Sunshine
WM11 Stay Close Clothing Stay Close Clothing
WM12 AlternativeStores.com AlternativeStores.com
WM13 Plant Faced Clothing Plant Faced Clothing
WM14 Freet Footwear Freet Footwear
WM15 Anticarnist Anticarnist
WM16 Mouse’s Favourite Mouse’s Favourite

Olympia Central Level 1

Stall Number Saturday Sunday
CA1 Greek Animal Rescue (UK) Greek Animal Rescue (UK)
CA2 Equinox Equinox
CA3 Equinox Equinox
CA4 Forage & Find Forage & Find
CA5 Aluna Coconut Aluna Coconut
CA6 The Healing Pear The Healing Pear
CA7 Orethic Orethic
CA8 Ripple Surf Camp Ripple Surf Camp
CA9 Afro Buddha Bowls Afro Buddha Bowls
CB1 Aduna Aduna
CB2 Hempen Hempen
CB3 Norty Norty
CB4 Benevo Vegan Pet Foods Benevo Vegan Pet Foods
CB5 BellaStoria Vegan Shoes BellaStoria Vegan Shoes 
CB6 CLC World Resorts CLC World Resorts
CB7 Aubergine Kitchen Aubergine Kitchen
CB8 Alara Wholefoods Alara Wholefoods 
CC1 Serotonina Serotonina
CC2 Land & Tide Land & Tide
CC3 The Cruelty Free Beauty Box The Cruelty Free Beauty Box
CC4 Biona – Bonsan – Profusion – Raw Biona – Bonsan – Profusion – Raw
CC5 All Natural Me All Natural Me
CC6 Vive Foods Vive Foods
CC7 Free From Italy Free From Italy
CD1 Sunita Foods Sunita Foods
CD2 Living Naturally Living Naturally
CD3 New Internationalist New Internationalist
CD5 Fruu Cosmetics Fruu Cosmetics
CD6 Camille Camille
CD7 Avanti Candles Avanti Candles
CE1 Buddha Beauty Skincare Buddha Beauty Skincare
CE2 Vega Vega
CE3 April’s Table April’s Table
CE4 Hugletts Wood Farm Animal Sanctuary Hugletts Wood Farm Animal Sanctuary
CE6 Paguro Upcycle Paguro Upcycle
CE7 Ufit Ufit
CE8 Neek Skin Organics Australia Neek Skin Organics Australia
CE9 Perkier Perkier
CF1 Plamil Foods Plamil Foods
CF2 Elm Rd. Elm Rd.
CF3 Wear Your Voice Wear Your Voice
CF5 Mally’s Gin Bar Mally’s Gin Bar
CF6 Tesfa Retail Tesfa Retail
CF7 Mooncup Mooncup
CG1 Fleecehaven Fleecehaven
CG2 Hodmedod Hodmedod
CG3 Creative Nature Creative Nature
CG4 Vita-Electric Skin & Hair  
CG5 Quinola Mothergrain Quinola Mothergrain 
CG6 NutraMilk NutraMilk
CG7 Ophir Naturals Ophir Naturals
CH1 Explore Cuisine Explore Cuisine
CH2 Kijani Living Kijani Living
CH3 Terranova / Bio Nature Terranova / Bio Nature
CH4 Kijani Living Kijani Living
CH5 Dolce la Dolce Dolce la Dolce
CH6 Fullgreen Fullgreen
CI1 Raw sport Raw sport
CI2 Mr Organic / The Organic Family Mr Organic / The Organic Family
CI3 Suma Wholefoods Suma Wholefoods
CI4 Lifestyle International Lifestyle International
CK1 Ethcs Ethcs
CK2 New Roots Vegan Cheese New Roots Vegan Cheese
CK3 LaBante London LaBante London
CK4 Mindful Chef Mindful Chef
CL1 Eden Perfumes Eden Perfumes
CL2 Viva La Vegan Viva La Vegan
CL3 Natures Plus Natures Plus
CL4 Maripharm Maripharm
CM1 Vivo Life Vivo Life
CM2 Vivo Life Vivo Life
CM3 Vegbred Vegbred
CM4 Crazy Bean Ethical Marketplace Crazy Bean Ethical Marketplace
CN1 Koko Dairy Free Koko Dairy Free
CN2 Koko Dairy Free Koko Dairy Free
CN3 TFC Fashion TFC Fashion
CN4 Mummy Meagz the Indulgent Vegan Kitchen Mummy Meagz the Indulgent Vegan Kitchen
CO1 Animal Aid Animal Aid
CO2   .
CO3 Vegan Food & Living and Simply Vegan Magazine Vegan Food & Living and Simply Vegan Magazine
CO4 New Spirit New Spirit
CP1 Hunt Saboteurs Association Hunt Saboteurs Association
CP2 Greener Beauty Greener Beauty
CP3 Mobile Massage Events Mobile Massage Events
CP4 Cofresh / Eat Real Cofresh / Eat Real
CQ1 The Online Vegan Market The Online Vegan Market
CQ2 The Raw Chocolate Company The Raw Chocolate Company
CQ3 The Save Movement The Save Movement
CQ4 Tesfa Retail Tesfa Retail
CQ5 Iuvo Skincare Iuvo Skincare
CQ6 Zessoo Zessoo
CR1 OptiBac Probiotics OptiBac Probiotics
CR2 Tofuture Tofuture
CR3 Vegan Merch Vegan Merch
CR4 The Organic Spirits Co The Organic Spirits Co
CR5 Heartcure Clothing Heartcure Clothing
CR6 Harper’s Candles Harper’s Candles
CS1 Veganicity Veganicity
CS2 Urban Squirrels Urban Squirrels
CS4 Bonanza Peanut Butter Bonanza Peanut Butter
CS5 Mayhew Mayhew
CS6 Monshea Monshea
CS7 Kings Whole
CS8 Leafy Leafy
CT1 Animal Equality Animal Equality
CT2 Tropika Beauty Tropika Beauty
CT3 Tropika Beauty Tropika Beauty
CT4 Dairy Free Chocolates Dairy Free Chocolates
CT5 Acumag Acumag
CT6 Japan Plant Based Food Export Association Japan Plant Based Food Export Association
CT7 Japan Plant Based Food Export Association Japan Plant Based Food Export Association

Olympia Central Level 2

Stall Number Saturday Sunday
TP1 Vegan Organic Network Vegan Organic Network
TP6 Yaoh Yaoh
TM1 Freddies Flowers Freddies Flowers
TM6 Free Gift Stall Free Gift Stall
TM7 Free Gift Store Free Gift Store
TM8 Watson & Wolfe Watson & Wolfe 
TY6 Dr Bronner’s Dr Bronner’s
TF0 Vegan BodyBuilders Vegan BodyBuilders
TF1 Vegan BodyBuilders Vegan BodyBuilders
TF2 Vegan Runners UK Vegan Runners UK
TF3 Mobile Massage Events

Mobile Massage Events

MC1 Truviv Truviv
MC2 TheVeganHut UK  
MC3 Sakahari Sakahari
MC4 Dea-Vos & Arbonne  
MC5 Zero Waste Generation Zero Waste Generation
MC6 Animal Welfare Party Eat Moringa
MC7 Real Remedies College of Living Nutrition
MC8 Lakeside Ethical Treats Lakeside Ethical Treats
ME1 La Bougie Herbivore La Bougie Herbivore
ME3 Eat Moringa  
ME4 Acumag Acumag
ME5 Callowfit Callowfit
ME6 Ankh Rah Ankh Rah
ME7 Raw Delights  
ME8 College of Naturopathic Medicine College of Naturopathic Medicine
MF1 Biores UK  
MF2 Young Indian Vegetarians Young Indian Vegetarians
MF3 Vegetarian Guides Vegetarian Guides
MF4 Eat Plants Not Pigs  Eat Plants Not Pigs 
MF5 Catharsis Solutions  
MF6 East Coast ’88 East Coast ’88
MF7 UK Guan Yin Citta Dharma Door Buddhist Charity Foundation Power Project Squad
MF8 Veverages Veverages

Olympia Conference Centre (Level 3)

Stall Number Saturday Sunday
U1 Luna Tree Jewellery Luna Tree Jewellery
U2 Vegan Publishers Vegan Publishers
U3 The Vegan Bake Box The Vegan Bake Box
U4 Woodlands Food Services – LioBites Woodlands Food Services – LioBites
U5 AffyBaLe AffyBaLe
U6 Anonymous for the Voiceless Anonymous for the Voiceless
U7 Lifeafterhummus Community Benefit Society Lifeafterhummus Community Benefit Society
U8 Rock Shock TheVeganHut UK
U9 Sam’s Body Boutique Sam’s Body Boutique
U10 Sumatran Orangutan Society Sumatran Orangutan Society
U11 Little Acorn Art Little Acorn Art
U12 Abalon UK Zil Nature
U13 The Lost Tea Company The Lost Tea Company
U14 Essential By Nature Essential By Nature
U15 Moksha Senses Moksha Senses
U16 English Hemp English Hemp
U17 Animals Asia Animals Asia
U18 Shea – Me Shea – Me
U19 Hemp By Nature Hemp By Nature
U20 Glory Pits Glory Pits
U21 doTerra doTerra
U22 Vegan Bunny  
U23 Being Being
U24 KT London KT London
U25 Vervet Monkey Foundation Vervet Monkey Foundation
U26 Zim’s Tribe  
U27 Housman’s Bookshop  
U28 John King – Slaughterhouse Prayer John King – Slaughterhouse Prayer
U29 Palestinian Animal League Palestinian Animal League
U30 Supreme Master TV Supreme Master TV
U32 Friend Farm Animal Sanctuary Friend Farm Animal Sanctuary
U33 Silver Bamboo Silver Bamboo