Book review – Motivational Methods for Vegan Advocacy – Casey Taft (Vegan Publishers)

21st February 2016

This 120 page gem of a book is one that many of us have been waiting for – and here it is. Casey Taft has the credentials – and the experience – to create this incredible useful guide to effective vegan advocacy – and just at a time when the vegan philosophy is both accelerating, and also in danger of being reduced to little more than a dietary change.

Casey’s approach is unequivocally vegan, which will be of relief to many activists, and he frames the vegan philosophy in a social justice context with a rights based perspective and a pro – intersectional approach – but in a scientific and clinical yet friendly and straightforward approach that will be well within the grasp of every vegan activist. The book is only 120 pages, and very easy to digest, and contains some great ‘case studies’ from the Vegan Publishers Facebook page, which makes it very relevant, fun and useful for the 21st century social justice advocacy.

Casey’s background is in clinical therapy with people of violence, with a successful career as a leading authority on ending intimate partner violence in the most “treatment resistant” populations – and some of the  group therapy programs that Casey has developed have been implemented in healthcare systems across the USA. And whilst Casey acknowledges that the behaviour of violence towards relationship partners and the support of violence towards animals are distinctly different, the processes used to work with these individuals to change their behaviour bear many similarities.

The book is broken down into short manageable chapters and includes some really useful tools for activists  – to give you a fuller idea of what’s covered in the book, here’s the list of chapters:

Chapter 1 – Introduction

Chapter 2 – Promoting Change in the Context of Social Justice

Chapter 3 – Language Is Important

Chapter 4 – What Does the Science Tell Us About Effective Animal Advocacy

Chapter 5 – Why Do People Continue to Live Non-Vegan?

Chapter 6 – Long-Term Goal Setting

Chapter 7 – Relationships in Vegan Advocacy

Chapter 8 – Assertive Vegan Communication

Chapter 9  – The Stages of Intentional Behavioural Change

Chapter 10 – Advocacy Communication Traps

Chapter 11 – Targeting Core Themes

Chapter 12 – Trauma in Animal Advocacy

Chapter 13 – Communicating with Non-Vegan Friends and Other Loved Ones

Chapter 14 – Other “Therapeutic Factors

Chapter 15 – Conclusions

For me the standout part of the book is where Casey looks at the importance of the relationships between the people involved in advocacy – as in the vegan advocate and the pre-vegan. He points out that this relationship is equally important as the message itself. In other words, it’s as much about delivery as it is the message that we deliver. That is something with which many of us struggle.

Casey gives credit to a number of other advocates, experts and scholars which is always good to see – and his humbleness and patience, and genuine love for people, animals and all things vegan shines through this gert lush little book loud and clear. For many, Casey Taft is the voice we have been waiting for. In the words of Ian Brown of the Stone Roses  – ‘’This is the one’’.

You can buy a copy of Casey’s new book at the link here:

And remember that Casey will be speaking at VegfestUK Brighton on February 27th 28th at the Brighton Centre ( He’ll be one of the judges at the Activism section of the FxEctive Factor on Saturday, and giving 2 talks on Sunday:

1:00pm in the Lifestyle / Campaigns talks room – Motivational Methods for Animal Advocacy

3:00pm at the Activists Summit – Vegan Publishing

Casey will also be available at the Vegan Publishers stall throughout the weekend.

xxx Timbo Feb 2016