Tim Barford – Effective Vegan Strategy: “Unity” within the Animal Movement

9th August 2016

Tim Barford from VegfestUK presents his second in a series of short talks on effective vegan strategy. This brief talk looks at the animal movement and some of the naturally occurring divisions within.

Tim’s position is effectively that we’re better off understanding and accepting the differences within the animal movement and also understanding our own positions and those around us, in the hope that better understanding will help diffuse some of the vitriolic and divisive arguments that can often occur in public spaces especially on social media between those within the animal movement.

The solution he puts forward is relatively straightforward – vegans should focus on creative vegan education, whilst showing respect, tolerance and understanding to those within the animal movement whose positions are different, and encourages all people within the animal movement to go vegan, live vegan, stay vegan and teach vegan as the best way to help animals.

To watch the presentation, click “play” below:

You can also watch Tim’s first presentation on “Light” and “Deep” Veganism here:

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