Tim Barford – The Vegan Philosophy, The Animal Movement and Effective Vegan Activism

20th August 2016

Tim Barford, manager of VegfestUK, spoke about the vegan philosophy, the animal movement and various forms of effective vegan activism, in a talk given at the Teen VGN Summer Camp on August 17th 2016.

Tim gave an introduction to what being vegan really means, the dichotomy into ‘light’ and ‘deep’ veganism, how the modern animal movement is structured, as well as his suggested forms of effective vegan activism. Tim is highly encouraged to see the level of knowledge and interest in these areas shown by his audience of teens – it’s certainly not far-fetched to say that these teens are our future in educating the public to embrace veganism.

There was also a special guest appearance by pink fluffy pig Pig Freud, who travelled all the way from Bristol Temple Meads to the summer camp at Margam Discovery Centre in Port Talbot. Pig Freud was hugely popular at the summer camp, with many participants looking to take selfies with this unique vegan character and drawing inspirations from his exploits in their own advocacy work.

Tim added, “Pig Freud is all about creative vegan activism – and the Vegfest team were thrilled not only to make a short film about the pig’s day out at the Teen VGN camp as he travels through Bristol’s Temple Meads station in his ‘vegan’ T -shirt, but also as a result were able to secure an interview on Ujima radio in Bristol about veganism, along with mentions for the teens – creative vegan activism in the making!”

You can watch Tim’s talk below:


You can watch Pig Freud’s journey from Bristol Temple Meads to the Teen VGN Summer Camp here.

Pig Freud was also live on air a couple of days after his appearance at the Teen VGN Summer Camp – he was on the Julz show on Ujima Radio 98fm Bristol, talking about pro-intersectional veganism… you can listen to his interview here.

Big thanks too to excellent young vegan outreach group Teen VGN for hosting an awesome week of vegan summer camp for teenagers aged 11-17, as well as their kind hospitality throughout!

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