My Dry January, and pints of superfoods and greens

14th February 2017


My Dry January has now finished – I made it through for 6 weeks to last weekend before that pint of Weinerstephaner got the better of me and the pub beckoned last Sunday. As I sat enjoying my pint I started working out how many pints of green juice, superfood smoothies and hemp smoothies I’d consumed since last downing a beer the night before New Years Eve.


Answers (approx)

35 pints Green Juice (freshly squeezed kale, spinach cucumber etc….)

60 pints Superfood Smoothies (Greens, protein, hemp protein, maca, acai….)

42 pints dehulled hemp smoothies with banana and hemp protein

50 pints water

0 pints beer

27 hours in the gym, 15 hours Chi Kung exercises



Feeling pretty good, have to say – somewhat rejuvenated is the word.

Big thanks to BodyMe for the most excellent supply of superfoods…….here’s a quick roundup:


Hemp Protein – absolutely marvellous – love it, hemp baby

Pea, rice and hemp protein – hard work to start with, gets better…..and is pretty awesome in their brand new snack bars, especially the Blue one (Chia Vanilla…)

Acai Berry powder – speechless……lives up to its promise once consumed in large doses

Greens – Wheatgrass, Barleygrass, Chlorella and Spirulina mix that is  totally acceptable in a smoothie

Maca – regular consumption and yes, it also lives up to its reputation, no doubt.



They are all available online at and you can also catch the BodyMe team at VegfestUK Brighton this coming March 11th 12th, and Bristol May 20th 21st.



I love a decent superfood session – 6 weeks is about right, feel like I’ve achieved optimum nutrition during that period

Quick rest for my 50 – something year old frame and then back on it after Brighton in March probs…..

Xxxtimbo feb 17