10 (or more) Great Reasons to go to Brighton Vegfest 2018

14th January 2018

Here are 10 great reasons to visit VegfestUK Brighton 2018, courtesy of vegan comedian Adele Cliff, who will be performing at  the Vegan Comedy Festival part of the show:

  1. Cooking demos: Brilliant vegan chefs turn up the heat (or don’t turn it on at all if you stumble on a raw demo) and show you the world of wonder beyond the Linda McCartney sausage (I still love you Linda).

  2. It’s not just for vegans: Non-vegans come and find out all our vegan secrets. Have you ever wanted to steal the salad Susan from HR leaves in the work fridge or push a child off a bicycle? Let us vegans explain how many days you have to drink almond milk to balance your karma after such an act.

  3. The Veganuary reunion party: That’s right the class of ’18 are having a reunion. Come along to get all the gossip on your Veganuary mates. Who’s gone bald? Who’s got a divorce? Who’s completely unrecognisable? (It will only be 2 months on, so the answer to all these questions is likely to be nobody, good snacks though)

  4. Meet the love of your life*: This could be a beautiful like-minded human or, as I found at London Vegfest, it might be a chocolate-covered vegan marshmallow on a stick.

  5. A day without responsibilities: Dump unwanted relatives young and old in the Kids Area or Mature Zone and romp off without a care. (VegfestUK cannot accept responsibility for loss of family members)

  6. Chat to inspiring people: Think you’re a fairly good person? Wrong. Meet the kind of people who save 15 elephant herds from poachers in a weekend or forgive and befriend mosquitoes who bite them. Feel suitably humbled.

  7. Everything is vegan: Go wild without checking the ingredients every 5 minutes. Last time I had curry, stir fry, fake-steak and a cupcake (and a colouring in sheet and some felt tips when I got lost in the Kids Area).

  8. Location, Location, Location: Just the one of them, but Brighton is delightful for a walk, if you want some fresh air whilst you digest the delicious combo of plant proteins you’ve scoffed, why not head down to the beach and look out at the sea, and all the happy fish you aren’t eating.

  9. Talent contest: Vegan musicians compete for fame, glory and enough cash to cover their train fare home. Like the X Factor but less morally corrupt.

  10. Stock up on cruelty-free beauty products: Beauty may only be skin deep but in general vegans are less likely than average to cut you open and have a look; so you’re best off keeping your face looking top notch.

  11. Comedy festival: If everything is getting tofu-king serious come and have a giggle at awesome comedians including Dave Chawner, Chris Stokes, Cheekykita and me (the hilarious and humble Adele Cliff).

  12. It’s super affordable: You might expect all this excitement to be rather dear but it isn’t at all (deer is a touchy subject, don’t mention venison to a vegan unless you want to miss your bus and the one after it). Tickets on the door are just £10, and it’s even less in advance (you can buy advance tickets here, and remember that BOGOF and BOGOHP offers are available for limited periods only).

*Meat the love of your life: Vegfest is probably not for you.

Adele Cliff is a stand-up comedian and writer, follow her on Twitter @Adelecliff