VegfestUK welcomes dozens of new businesses at their 6th vegan festival at Olympia London

13th August 2018

As veganism becomes one of the fastest-growing social movements in the UK, new businesses with new vegan products have been propping up left, right and centre across the UK in response to the huge rise in demand for vegan products and information. Thanks also to a dedicated group of event organisers keen to promote veganism to an ever-growing amount of consumers, the number of vegan consumer events has seen unprecedented popularity in 2018 with over 200 of them in a single year and many of them attracting huge crowds.

The good news is that interest for businesses and charities to exhibit at vegan consumer events has largely followed suit. The VegfestUK events, which have been hailed as some of the UK’ s biggest vegan events that regularly averaged close to 10,000 visitors per show, enter their 6th year at Olympia London on October 27-28, off the back of a record-breaking year in 2017 which saw 283 exhibitors and around 14,000 visitors over a weekend. Not only have a large number of regular exhibitors confirmed their return to hitherto VegfestUK’s most successful event in their history in terms of exhibitor and visitor numbers, but it’s also the amount of new businesses joining the VegfestUK party that deserves further attention.

Up to Sunday August 12th 2018, altogether 53 companies who have not exhibited at VegfestUK before have come on board the upcoming show at Olympia London. These new exhibitors span a number of different categories, from catering, food & drinks, to clothing, skincare, beauty, recipe boxes, superfoods and more. A small number of them even hail all the way from Europe and North America to be part of this event With just under 2 months still to go before the show is shut for stall bookings, and plenty of interest still from businesses of all sizes, expect a lot more new names and exhibits to burst on to the VegfestUK scene.

“Big warm welcome to all the newcomers to our circuit of exhibitors at our much-anticipated London event this October,” enthused the VegfestUK organisers. “At VegfestUK, we welcome and encourage new businesses, and do as much as we can to ensure that they have a good time at our shows. Not only does having new businesses on board ensure a level of freshness in our shows from year to year, visitors will also enjoy perusing, sampling and stocking up many new vegan products on the market at these events. And of course, the more product varieties we have on board, the more we can showcase to potential vegans the beauty of being vegan.”

The organisers added, “Of course we extend also huge thanks to our loyal core of exhibitors who are returning to this year’s London event. All of you have been awesome in helping us build this particular event to the status that it enjoys today, and we would never have reached this level without your unwavering support.”

New exhibitors at VegfestUK


A colourful and multicultural mix of caterers await as cuisines on display range from Ethiopian (Delina), Cypriot (Hummus Soup & More), Turkish (The Hippie Turks) to vegan editions of traditional British favourites such as chips (Chunky Chippy), superfood-infused burgers (The Green Grill), chick’n burgers (Wholesome Junkies), sausages (Spirichewall) and pies (Ineya.Rocks), coupled with Juice Junkiez’s exotic fruits which are juiced and served within their natural skins.

Food & Drinks

The food and drinks do not just end with the caterers, of course. Lots of packaged food and drinks, as well as cooked food samples, will be in store for visitors to try out. The myriad samples begin with pre-seasoned jackfruit from USA-based Upton’s Naturals, vegan ice cream from Pure&Co, vegan cheeses from Canadian vegan cheese giants Daiya Foods and Germany-based Happy Cheeze GmbH as well as handmade vegan cheese from Black Arts Vegan (Saturday only), followed by sweet treats from April’s TableBabbaloos BakeryHey’s Heavenly Bakes (Sunday only), Mummy Meagz® the Indulgent Vegan Kitchen®, Norahs Brownies and The Feel Good Cafe.

Meanwhile, those looking for treats with a health kick will enjoy snacks from LioBites, Nu Organics GmbH, Rhythm108, as well as nut mylks from M*lkman, protein drinks from UFIT, alongside shakes and smoothies from Fit Delis. There’s also plenty of uniquely flavoured vegan sauces from Bonnie Yau’s Food Products and Neema Food, in addition to vegan salmon from Odontella, vegan ready meals from Soulful Foods, as well as vegan baking mixes from The Vegain Bros (Saturday only).


Speaking of wearing our vegan hearts on our sleeves, a number of clothing and fashion companies with a vegan ethos will be bringing their own products to the show, including BEING Clothing, Camille, East Coast ’88, Free Spirit, LaBante London, ROCK SHOCK, Self Care Co. and TFC Fashion.


Veganism does not stop at food, drinks and clothing, obviously – what we put onto our bodies matters as much as what we put into our bodies – and in AffyBaLe, Dr. Bronner’s, Essential by Nature, Glory Pits, Sam’s Body Boutique and Vita-Electric® Skin & Hair (Saturday only), we’ve got nearly all our bodies covered when it comes to vegan nourishment for the skin.


The best proof that being vegan does not mean self-deprivation probably comes with the myriad beauty products in the market, and newcomers Liha Beauty and The Cruelty Free Beauty Box are some of the best placed to demonstrate why. Liha is an innovative, luxe natural, organic and vegan skincare brand that blends the rich botanical life of West Africa with traditional English aromatherapy and folk remedies, whilst the Cruelty Free Beauty Box does the handpicking for you to ensure a good mix and variety for you to try out every month.


Everyone deserves a treat and probably none more so than with their homeware selection, and in Elm Rd., La Bougie Herbivore and Self Care Co, all of whom will have in store a series of aromatic scented candles amongst other products, visitors will be spoilt for choice when it comes to gifts for themselves and for their loved ones. Elm Rd will also be selling Weety’s reusable cup made from wheat fibre and zero plastic which is 100% biodegradable.

Recipe Boxes

Those looking for inspirations on how to get the best out of their vegan ingredients need to look no further than the recipe suggestions provided by Mindful Chef and The Vegan Recipe Box Co. The recipes involved are suited to vegan chefs of all levels – whether you’re a complete beginner with vegan cooking, or a seasoned chef – there’s something for you to take home.

Superfoods & Supplements

Those aiming to turbo-charge their health and wellbeing or address the shortage of certain nutrients in their diets would love the presence of plant-based superfood blends from Alchemy Organic Super Blends, health supplements from Bod’s Natural Products, CBD oil products from Maripharm, in addition to turmeric blends from Turmerix.


The shopping comes on top of valuable information from a number of vegan outreach groups to help visitors stay vegan and inspire those around them to do so after the event. Information includes a vegan online marketplace from Crazy Bean Ethical Marketplace, the UK’s first British Cycling affiliated all vegan cycling club in Eat Plants Not Pigs CC, nutrition and cooking classes and allied activities from Lifeafterhummus Community Benefit Society, in addition to a new vegan meal, recipe and restaurant-finding app from The Veganists.

Information for prospective exhibitors

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