Potentially life-altering documentaries on veganism at VegfestUK London 2018

21st August 2018

A quartet of feature-length documentaries focusing on the many benefits of being vegan will be screened at VegfestUK London – one of the UK’s biggest vegan festivals – on the weekend October 27-28 at Olympia London.

A couple of them will be making their first appearances at a VegfestUK event, namely the much-acclaimed Dominion, which gives a comprehensive account of the numerous ways animals are used and abused in Australia, and HOPE What You Eat Matters, which uncovers and reveals the effects of our typical Western diet high in animal-based foods.

The organisers also welcome back a couple of inspiring documentaries in Land of Hope and Glory, kindly put together by UK-based animal rights group Surge, as well as The Invisible Vegan, which made its UK debut at VegfestUK London 2017 and looks at being vegan from the perspective of people of colour.

The organisers added, “It’s fantastic to be once again hosting film screenings with a serious topic in mind. We are happy to continue providing the platform for talented filmmakers with a burning desire to change the world for the better via advocating for a vegan way of life through the motion picture medium. We look forward to the actual screenings at Olympia London this October.”

Full schedule of all film screenings will be announced in due course on this page here.

Film synopses and trailers


Dominion is the feature-length documentary sequel to 2014’s Lucent.

While Lucent focused mostly on the Australian pig farming industry, Dominion will have a much broader scope as a comprehensive account of the numerous ways animals are used and abused in Australia. By exploring six primary facets of our interaction with animals – Companion Animals, Wildlife, Scientific Research, Entertainment, Clothing and Food – the film will question the morality and validity of our dominion over the animal kingdom.

Drawing heavily from the Aussie Farms Repository so as to contain the most recent, highest-quality footage from across the country, Dominion will also make use of emerging technologies, such as aerial drones, to capture new perspectives and examine the wider context of animal exploitation upon our landscape and within our society.

Dominion was announced in October 2015 with a crowdfunding campaign which raised over $19000, and in December 2015 received a grant from animal protection institute Voiceless. A further crowdfunding campaign finished in January 2018.

H.O.P.E. What You Eat Matters

Half of the population in Western society suffers from being overweight. Cardio-vascular diseases, diabetes and cancer are epidemic. Our meat consumption has quintupled over the past 50 years. 65 billion land animals are being slaughtered every year for food consumption. One third of the global grain production is fed to animals for fattening while 1.8 billion people worldwide suffer from hunger and starvation. Can there really be a solution to all these problems?

It was the search for an answer to this question that led Austrian author and filmmaker Nina Messinger on a journey through Europe, India and the US to investigate the consequences of our diet. Meeting with leading experts in nutrition, medicine, science, and agriculture, as well as with farmers and people who have recovered from severe illnesses, simply by changing their eating habits. The film´s deeply distressing images and moving stories make a clear case for a plant-based diet that is not just a short-lived lifestyle trend but provides a solution for preserving our entire world. The movie serves up a stunningly simple, yet comprehensive solution – right on our plates. Changing our eating habits will rebalance not just our health, but the planet itself.

H.O.P.E. is a life-changing documentary uncovering and revealing the effects of our typical Western diet high in animal-based foods. It contrasts the limited interests of the pharmaceutical and agricultural industry with the all-encompassing interests of living beings on this planet and with the power of responsible consumer action. H.O.P.E. is an urgent call to action to all of us to commit to a change towards sustainability and safeguarding our living environment.

It has a clear message: By changing our eating habits, we can change the world!

Land of Hope and Glory

In 2005, a film called Earthlings became the most pivotal documentary of the animal rights movement. Here in the UK however, we found the phrase “that doesn’t happen in our country” coming up far too much. The filmmakers wanted to set the record straight. Through Land of Hope and Glory, the filmmakers aim to show the truth behind UK land animal farming by featuring the most up to date investigations as well as never before seen undercover footage, with a total of approximately 100 UK facilities featured throughout the film. 

Land of Hope and Glory is made by the founders of the animal rights organisation Surge.

The Invisible Vegan

The Invisible Vegan is a 90-minute independent documentary that explores the problem of unhealthy dietary patterns in the African-American community, foregrounding the health and wellness possibilities enabled by plant-based vegan diets and lifestyle choices. Over the past three decades, coronary heart disease and diabetes have steadily grown as the leading causes of health problems in America, disproportionately impacting the African-American community in particular. This documentary offers both historical and contemporary perspectives on the dietary trends among African-Americans, showing how intertwined histories of slavery, twentieth-century socioeconomic inequalities, and the rise of Big Food has led to the increased consumption and dependence of meat, processed junk, and fast food.

Schedule and times

Full schedule of the screenings can be found at the link here.

Cinema located in the Olympia Conference Centre on Level 3 of Olympia London.

Other activities at VegfestUK London 2018

The Cinema adds to an amazing array of other features, including:

  • Vegan Food Village with 25 caterers serving a mouthwatering selection of vegan street food
  • Shopping from over 275 exhibitors with one-off show specials available,
  • talks on Health, Permaculture, Environment, Fitness, Wellness, Justice, Radical Veganism, Activism, alongside Yoga and Qi Gong sessions,
  • a Living Raw Zone,
  • Cookery Demos,
  • Comedy,
  • a Kids Area,
  • an Art Exhibition dedicated to veganism and animal rights,
  • a 450-seater Auditorium hosting panels and entertainment,
  • Live Music

and more!

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