VegfestUK Awards 2018 – Full Results

27th October 2018

VegfestUK played host to its own vegan Awards Ceremony on Saturday October 27th 2018 at VegfestUK London, with 18 awards trophies up for grabs after 6 weeks of voting online by the public which gathered altogether 7,086 votes in total.

The Awards, which celebrated its 12th year since its inception in 2007, promote the best vegan brands and groups in the UK market. In 2018 the Awards boasted altogether 18 categories with 10 nominees each and the nominee who gathered the most votes after the 6-week voting period was chosen to be the winner in their category.

The Awards Ceremony was hosted by VegfestUK PR manager and VeggieVision founder Karin Ridgers, with the awards trophies handed out to winners by presenter Sarah-Jane Crawford.

The organisers added:

It’s brilliant to have the privilege of hosting our awards for 12 years running. Over this period of time, we have witnessed the rise of some really exciting vegan brands and amazing vegan products, and our awards serve to celebrate the diversity and variety of vegan options available in the UK. To rise to the challenge of accommodating more unique and dynamic brands and groups, this year we have introduced some new categories such as Best Vegan Festivals, Best Vegan Bags, Best Vegan Superfood Brand and Best Vegan Ready Meals, each of which has seen a healthy amount of votes cast by the public. Many thanks to everyone who has backed their favourites in the process by casting their votes, and of course congratulations to the winners, and also huge kudos to every nominee for bringing through their own vegan products or services to the UK market – your contributions have made it easier than ever before to be vegan in this country. Finally, big thanks to our presenters Karin and Sarah-Jane for hosting a wonderful occasion at the Ceremony for us.


Full Results

Best Vegan Festival

Total number of votes cast: 3794

Nominee Number of Votes
Vegan Life Live London 869
UK Vegan CampOut 834
Bristol Viva! Vegan Festival 509
Animal Aid Christmas Fayre 306
West Midlands Vegan Festival 291
Live A Better Life (LABL) Vegan Fair Liverpool 289
Great Yorkshire Vegan Festival 249
Vevolution 189
Newcastle Vegan Festival 157
North East Vegan Festival 82


Best Vegan Bags

Total number of votes cast: 3259

Nominee Number of Votes
Matt & Nat 718
The Lovely Things 607
Lifestyle International Limited 588
Beyond Bags 484
LaBante London 312
Hetty Sam 238
Paguro Upcycle 141
Thamon London 57
Watts Kork 53
Moddanio 45


Best Vegan Superfood Brand

Total number of votes cast: 3129

Nominee Number of Votes
Vivo Life 748
Vega 659
GOOD Hemp Dairy Free 541
Naturya 398
Revolution Foods 362
The Culinary Caveman 118
SuperFoodLx 83
BodyMe 82
Sambazon UK 66
Pure Recharge 53


Best Vegan Ready Meals

Total number of votes cast: 3222

Nominee Number of Votes
One Planet Pizza 974
Tideford Organics 512
Mr Nice Pie 446
Badgers Vegan Kitchen 394
Pie Baby 263
VeGain Meals 208
Mr Lee’s Noodles 153
Vegbred 114
Vegetarian Caviar Club 74
Pep & Lekker 66


Best Vegan Magazine

Total number of votes cast: 3126

Nominee Number of Votes
Vegan Life Magazine 845
Vegan Food and Living Magazine 548
PlantBased Magazine 442
Simply Vegan Magazine 423
Vegan Living Magazine 331
T.O.F.U. Magazine 162
Positively Vegan Magazine 153
The Hectic Vegan Magazine 82
Vilda Magazine 81
Vegan Trade Journal 43


Best Vegan Online Resource

Total number of votes cast: 4200

Nominee Number of Votes
HappyCow 1078
Plant Based News 905
The Vegan Society 560
Veganuary 359
Viva! 269
Barnivore 217
Animal Aid 162
vanilla bean 116
Go Vegan World 113


Best Vegan Cleaning Brand

Total number of votes cast: 3613

Nominee Number of Votes
Astonish 860
Method 602
Ecoleaf 408
Living Naturally 398
Ecozone 391
Bio-D 329
Norwex 200
Ecoegg 150
humblestuff 146
The Goodwash Company 108


Best Vegan Bodycare

Total number of votes cast: 3331

Nominee Number of Votes
Eden Perfumes 892
Dr. Bronner’s 658
Buddha Beauty 570
Indigenous Beauty 300
Shea – Me 296
Yaoh 137
Fair Squared 131
Fruu 129
IUVO 105
Optiat 96


Best Vegan Clothing

Total number of votes cast: 3011

Nominee Number of Votes
Viva La Vegan 731
Wear Your Voice 272
Hempish 258
Anticarnist 237
HeartCure 210
A Kind Living 180
Vegan Deviant 159
New Spirit 151
Stay Close Clothing 142


Best Vegan Footwear

Total number of votes cast: 2952

Nominee Number of Votes
Vegetarian Shoes 599
Beyond Skin 592
Will’s Vegan Shoes 569
Eco Vegan Shoes 337
Ethical Wares 236
Freerangers 174
Bourgeois Boheme 125
Freet Footwear 119
The Third Estate 113
ALIVE Boutique 71


Best Vegan Restaurant / Cafe

Total number of votes cast: 3286

Nominee Number of Votes
Purezza 626
The Flying Duck 572
222 Vegan Cuisine 433
V Rev Vegan Diner (formerly V-Revolution) 367
Little Green 268
Matter Fastfoods 237
Natural Bar & Kitchen 227
The Old Red Bus Station 195
Anna-Loka 179
Erpingham House 162


Best Vegan “Cheese”

Total number of votes cast: 3411

Nominee Number of Votes
Follow Your Heart 709
Bute Island Foods 708
Tyne Chease 417
I Am Nut OK 410
Mel’s Kindness Kitchen 263
New Roots 223
Kinda Co. 191
Good Carma Foods 170
Raw Food Rosie’s 153
Nutkin 147


Best Vegan Cakes

Total number of votes cast: 3263

Nominee Number of Votes
The Vegan Cakery 1135
Ms. Cupcake 575
Baking Bad 462
Cupcakes & Shhht 301
Rubys of London 229
Vegan Sweet Tooth London 167
Organic Livity 158
Rosina Makes 85
Beau Monde Bakery (formerly Eat Petite) 66
Birch’s Bakehouse (formerly Babbaloos Bakery) 64


Best Vegan Snacks

Total number of votes cast: 3140

Nominee Number of Votes
Nakd Wholefoods 1505
Pulsin 363
Quinoa Crack 208
Perk!er Foods 208
Fry’s Coconut Island 196
Rhythm108 184
The Primal Pantry 165
Creative Nature Superfoods 123
ChicP 104
MySnack UK 66


Best Vegan Caterer

Total number of votes cast: 2812

Nominee Number of Votes
What the Pitta 603
Happy Maki 348
Herbivorous 335
Greek Vegan Deli 310
Veggies 256
The Spotless Leopard 235
Lazyboy Kitchen 226
Brownins 225
Chaatit 142
Gillie Food 115


Best Vegan “Meat”

Total number of votes cast: 3579

Nominee Number of Votes
Fry’s 758
Temple Of Seitan 638
Tofurky 572
Oumph! 443
VBites 278
LoveSeitan 212
Sgaia’s Vegan Meats 206
Vegusto 177
Dragonfly Foods 166
Lettices 108


Best Vegan Dessert

Total number of votes cast: 3379

Nominee Number of Votes
Booja Booja 1459
The Coconut Collaborative 412
Pudology 345
Ice Green 230
Freaks of Nature 227
NUSH 225
Ananda’s Marshmallows 161
Smooze 107
Norty Puds 102
MiiRO 88


Best Vegan Chocolate

Total number of votes cast: 3294

Nominee Number of Votes
Moo Free Chocolates 1351
The Raw Chocolate Company 395
So Free Chocolate 338
Loving Earth 308
Conscious Chocolate 213
The Raw Chocolate Pie Company 193
Solkiki Chocolatemaker 182
Harth Truffles 115
Peakz 96
Ethicoco 85