Vegan Activists Hub provides platform for local vegan activists at VegfestUK Brighton

1st February 2019

The Vegan Activists Hub makes its return to the upcoming VegfestUK event at the Brighton Centre on March 23-24 2019. Carrying a Brighton and South East focus, the Hub will feature a number of talks, presentations and panel discussions centred around vegan activism in the UK, as well as guidance and support for vegan activists in general.

Speakers at the Vegan Activists Hub include single mum and business owner Jessica Michael, 13-year-old vegan activist and performer Aiyana Goodfellow, and Hempish founder Gail Dunsbee, and invitations have been issued to local Brighton-based activists groups including Direct Action Everywhere (who recently featured in the TV programme ‘Good Morning Britain’ with Piers Morgan), Anonymous for the Voiceless, and Hunt Saboteurs Association (who featured over Christmas in this story about a pub banning vegans). A number of other activists will be announced shortly.

The keynote speaker is Dr. Casey Taft, co-founder of vegan publishing company Vegan Publishers and Professor of Psychiatry at Boston University School of Medicine. Casey is an internationally recognised psychologist and clinical researcher in the area of family relationships and abuse prevention, winning prestigious awards for his work from the International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies, the Institute on Violence, Abuse and Trauma, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. He has published over 100 journal articles, book chapters, and scientific reports. He has recently authored “Millennial Vegan”, “Motivational Methods for Animal Advocacy”, and “Trauma-Informed Treatment and Prevention of Intimate Partner Violence”. Casey has spoken at a number of vegan festivals including previous VegfestUK events in Brighton and London.

The Hub is organised by local vegan activist Jeremy Hess, who is the founder of vegan activism information website Vegan Interactions, and produces content for the Vegan Publishers Facebook page. Jeremy brings behavioural psychology to activism and supports everyone to be comfortable discussing veganism and to have conversations that inspire change.

VegfestUK organisers are thrilled to have Dr. Casey Taft at the event. “Casey has been at the forefront of working with extreme violent behaviour, trauma and domestic abuse, and is a leader in this field with 25 years’ experience, and a host of qualifications and papers to his name. In addition, Casey is a published author with books specialising on not only effective vegan activism but also safe supportive activism and in particular in relation to trauma and burnout. The combination of Casey’s professional experience and widespread vegan education gives him the ideal platform to provide genuine heartfelt informed and essential support for millennial and Gen-Z activists especially.

“As organisers of the Vegan Activists Hub, it’s important to recognise our responsibilities towards not only the vegan community and vegan activists, but the wider community at large – including farmers, butchers, and those who work within the livestock trade. Vegan activism is a hot topic right now, and the combination of experience, research and good intent that Vegfest can provide can help play an essential part in helping support the growth of vegan activism in the UK. We want to see vegan activism but we want to see peaceful, non-violent, law-abiding, creative and effective vegan activism, and we also want to see viable solutions and genuine support for farmers to transition to sustainable, profitable plant-based options.

“Vegfest has a long tradition of support for vegan campaign groups going way back to 2003 and will continue to support and welcome a number of leading vegan campaign groups to our events. But it’s important to remember that veganism is essentially a peaceful movement founded on compassion and non-violence, and we want to help cultivate an environment that sees up-and-coming activists join a community that recognises, respects and upholds these traditions.”

The full list of speakers, schedules and topics will be announced in due course on this page here.

Other activities at the event

  • Around 230 stalls
  • 18 global caterers
  • Talks on Fitness, Veganic Growing, Radical Veganism
  • Animal Think Tank
  • Yoga and Wellness Zone
  • Mature Zone
  • Cookery Demos
  • Art Exhibition
  • Live performances
  • Kids Area

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