Plant Based Health Professionals UK to provide evidence based recommendations for health at VegfestUK London 2019

27th August 2019

Being healthy has always been one of the most important tenets of life. For those following an exclusively plant-based diet, health plays an even more important role and is even more of a challenge, especially provided that there are still lots of articles to this day claiming that one is compromising their own health by going plant-based. And although there have also been reports on being healthy and remaining healthy without the use of animal products, which sources of information are scientifically proven and evidence-based?

At VegfestUK London, currently the UK’s largest vegan event, the Plant Based Health section of talks welcome doctors, GPs, registered dieticians and nutritionists who will be discussing some of the most red-hot topics in health without animal products with an evidence-based approach. From preventing or managing ailments such as cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, migraine and chronic pain, to improving your physical and mental health using plant-based foods, as well as potentially non-vegan ingredients in medicine, these talks are tailored to not only beginners to plant-based living but also those looking for a health boost in general.

The Plant Based Health talks are organised by Plant Based Health Professionals UK, a non-profit organisation with the aims of

  • promoting plant-based nutrition and lifestyle interventions for the prevention and treatment of chronic disease,
  • educating health professionals and the general public on plant-based nutrition and other lifestyle interventions, and
  • providing evidence-based recommendations for public policy on nutrition, diet and lifestyle.

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Speakers and sessions


Hosted by Dr Sue Kenneally

Sam Gould, Registered Dietitian – Thrive on a vegan diet

Expert advice from vegan dietitian Sam Gould on how to meet your nutrient needs following a plant-based diet.





Lena Gobine – The Plant Powered Nutritionist – The importance of a balanced healthy vegan diet to manage type 2 diabetes

Lena will discuss how a healthy vegan diet with low glycaemic foods are vital for blood sugar management. She will review which foods reduce insulin resistance and why sugar, processed foods and macronutrient portion control are essential when managing diabetes.


Dr Rebecca Ellen Jones, General Practitioner – Navigating the World of Medicine as a Vegan

The Vegan Doctor will outline considerations to be taken when you need to see your doctor or take medications, and how to find vegan-friendly over-the-counter medication. This presentation will cover pitfalls such as non-vegan ingredients in medicines and speaking to doctors who might be cynical about your lifestyle choice.

Dr Sue Kenneally, General Practitioner – Nature’s real comfort foods – eating a whole food plant-based diet to reduce chronic pain

Food can numb several kinds of pain, but many typical comfort foods ultimately cause more pain in the long term. Plants are nature’s anti-inflammatory painkillers; they reduce long term pain, including joint and muscle pains, without prescriptions or significant side effects and by healing rather than masking the problem.

Agnes Electra Chlebinska and David W Evans – How to combine plant-based nutrition and genetic information to improve your health

We apply plant-based nutrition, technologies and genetics to identify people with indicators for chronic conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, obesity and asthma and disrupt or reverse the development of these conditions with early-stage personalised, precise lifestyle treatments that can change the health and well-being of an individual.

Karen Lee – Making positive changes: 5 easy steps to start your whole-food plant-based journey

You’ve heard the why, now discover the what and how – what to eat and how to do it! With an easy to follow 5-step plan, Karen Lee will give you a whole-food plant-based diet in a nutshell and share her top tips to making positive changes that really work.


Hosted by Dr Gemma Newman

Mick Walker – Preventing and reversing chronic diseases using an optimal vegan diet

Chronic disease is at epidemic proportions. Most people see this as normal and a consequence of aging. However, unhealthy diets are the top cause. This talk will discuss the large body of evidence supporting a whole food plant-based diet for the prevention and reversal of chronic disease.


Rohini Bajekal, Whole Foods Plant-Based Nutritionist – Why you shouldn’t ditch the plant-based diet, even if celebrities are 

Over the past year, a number of celebrities have publicly denounced their vegan diet, often reaching large audiences on social media. This talk will examine the many benefits of plant-based eating from a nutritional perspective. Learn how to thrive on a plant-based diet and sustain it in the long-term.

Dr Mahesh Shah, GP & Naturopathic Nutritionist – Cardiovascular Disease – Getting To The Heart Of The Matter

There is increasing evidence of the role our lifestyle plays in determining health and well-being, and a big part of this is what we eat. This talk will give you a great insight into the wonders of whole-food plant-based nutrition for the prevention, improvement and reversal of heart disease.


Leila Dehghan, Plant-based nutritionist and personal trainer –Living with migraine: how a whole food, plant-based diet changed my life

Migraine is the seventh most disabling disease in the world. With no real cure, migraineurs endure severe pains and cannot fully engage the world. I will share how a whole food, plant-based diet reduced my migraines from 17 to 2 days per month and allowed me to take back control of my life.

Dr Gemma Newman, General Practitioner – Mental Health and Nutrition. How Does What We Eat Affect Our Thoughts and Feelings?

Dr Newman takes a deep dive through the various environmental factors that impact mood and wellbeing, with specific emphasis on diet. Could a whole food plant-based diet improve mental health? Is mood affected by microbial health? For answers to all these questions, come and listen to Dr Gemma’s talk.


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Plant Based Health section located on Level 2 of Olympia Central – see floor plan for Level 2 here.


Other features at VegfestUK London

VegfestUK London also includes 320 stalls packed with the latest vegan products, a Vegan Food Village with 25 caterers, a New Vegan Support area for beginners to veganism, a Foodies Stage with live music, two Fitness areas, Yoga classes, Cookery Demos, The Art of Compassion Exhibition, talks on Holistic Health and Veganic Growing, a Natural Therapy Zone, Lifestyle presentations, a Mature Zone, plus talks on Animal Rights and Activism, Vegan Activists Support, the VGN News room and the Animal Rebellion summit.

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Each entry ticket includes further access to all talks, cookery demos, panels and live music at the show.

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Plant Powered Expo – February 1st 2nd 2020 @ Olympia London

The organisers of VegfestUK are running a new show Plant Powered Expo next February in the National Hall of Olympia London. This new event celebrates the best of a plant-based way of life with 235 stalls, 12 features and 100 speakers. For more information, visit

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