Vegan Lifestyle and Wellbeing to be discussed at VegfestUK London 2019

5th September 2019

How to ensure that our beauty products and clothes are ethically vegan? How to create businesses to influence those around us to adopt a vegan way of life, as well as supporting mental health? How to make sure that we follow lifestyles that are as eco-friendly as possible whilst being vegan? Are there easy-to-follow strategies for beginners to ease their way into veganism? What are some of the alternative approaches to health that help improve our wellbeing and that are vegan at the same time?

These questions and topics will be discussed in the Lifestyle section at the upcoming VegfestUK London on October 26-27 at Olympia London.


Speakers and Sessions


Simone Venner – Foods for Moods: Lifestyle Tips For Health And Wellbeing

Did you know that a person’s stomach or intestinal distress can be connected to anxiety, stress, or depression? Join Simone Venner, RHN from MsHolistic as she touches on food and lifestyle tips that can increase our overall well-being and happiness. ‘Foods For Moods’ introduces simple lifestyle recommendations to apply before even touching your diet such as; the benefits of chewing, mindful eating and the power of breath.

Kate Strong – How to Create a Vegan Business

Do you want to start your own business, or grow the one you’ve currently got? The world is not stable; with job uncertainty and the climate crisis looming. Now is the time to learn the valuable skills of entrepreneurship.

Today, the world is hungry for more vegan & ethical companies; businesses that are doing good in the world and helping make a positive difference.

Kate Strong leans on her experience as an entrepreneur for over 15 years to unpack the steps you need to take to grow a profitable and purposeful business.

Tierra Burrell – Keeping it G: Green, Glowing and Growing

Everything you need to live on this planet can be found in nature. Discover the ways of going green: – make your skin grow; helps your hair grow; increases your energetic frequency.


Jessica Blackler – Jecca Blac makeup demo

This makeup demonstration shows how to create a full face of makeup with vegan products only, including a variety of beauty brands that are 100% vegan and not tested on animals.


John King & Johny Brown – In conversation with John King

Radio Presenter for Resonance FM Johny Brown chats with John King, the author of titles such as Football Factory, Skinheads, White Trash, and most recently Slaughterhouse Prayer.


Paolo Bagarone (Lush) & Rae Stanton-Smithson (Earthcare) – Moving Beyond Sustainability

An exploration of how we can lessen our negative impact and move beyond sustainability towards regeneration repairing the damaged systems that we have created. This talk not only explores some of the things we can do in our everyday lives to reduce our impacts and help regenerate damaged systems, but it also explores how such a thing may look in the wider business context of a global cosmetics company.

Vic Wood – The Dark Side of Beauty

Vic talks about the other dark side of beauty, not the animal testing dark side but the human testing dark side. Everything you put on your skin takes 26 seconds to reach your blood stream. Just because a product is vegan friendly does not mean that it will be good for us. Vic explores the different chemicals found in products and their affects on our health while also providing guidance on how to be more ingredient aware.

Healthy lifestyle with Dr. Venaas

We live in a world where there has never been more easily available information about health, nutrition and lifestyle. Daily, we are all bombarded with advertisements, advice, expert opinions and news articles through a vast variety of media platforms.

Yet, the world’s population has never experienced so many food and lifestyle related health challenges such as Obesity, Diabetes, Cardiovascular diseases, Cancers, Alzheimer’s and the list goes on.

In this talk, Dr. Venaas will discuss how we avoid falling into the traps of modern misinformation and remain factual in our thinking, as well as elaborate on the evidence based lifestyle factors which have been shown to promote long term health.



Luke Marsh – Sadhana Forest – A Vegan Eco Community

Sadhana Forest is a Vegan eco community and conscious living project in India, Haiti and Kenya. The organisation works on indigenous reforestation and providing long term food security, while following a number of core values based around compassion, integrating our Animal sanctuary and Vegan values into our daily lives.

Blue O’Connor (Kings) – Supporting mental health through ethical business 

A talk on how Blué O’Connor’s (Founder of KINGS) challenges with mental health led him to a plant based lifestyle, launching a brand that gives back to men’s mental health and how you can boost your own mental fitness.

Maria Koutsogiannis (Food by Maria) – Self Worth and Body Confidence

This talk focuses on how eating and taking care of yourself can change your mindset completely. In my case, going from waiting tables and barely paying rent to running a 6-figure business that revolves around food, the thing I once feared the most.

Roxy Furman – Science of Sustainability

My Mum brought us up vegetarian, but throughout my studies I realised this was not enough. I will be using my scientific background to explain what we can all do in our everyday lives to help animals and the planet. I believe that being vegan encompasses so much more than just diet, you can extend it to all aspects of your life from obvious things such as what you wear or what beauty products you use, to more indirect things such as showing compassion to all other beings (including other humans and yourself) and living a sustainable lifestyle. This is a movement that is growing in traction, but information is often presented with a lack of science behind it. Helping people understand the science, often helps them to connect and broaden their perspective on what they can do everyday to help animals. I aim to simply inspire people to fall in love with animals and the natural world as I truly believe that if someone loves something then they cannot hurt it.

Edric Kennedy MacFoy – Let Food Be Thy Medicine

“I will outline my journey in to veganism  explaining how and why I went vegan as well as the impact it has had on my life. I will also speak of the miracles I have witnessed through family members transitioning to veganism. My 1st cousin in the US who’s precancerous cells progressively worsened over three years until she joined the vegan camp and my Father who was diagnosed with prostate cancer at a very late stage who now lives his best life following a transition to veganism. I will also talk about the magic combination of veganism and fitness and the astounding effects it can have on your world.”

Sascha Camilli – Creating an Ethical Vegan Wardrobe

Creating an Ethical Vegan Wardrobe will highlight the issues behind some of the animal-derived materials commonly used in fashion today – and suggest eco-friendly, natural vegan replacements. It will also illustrate some of the amazing innovations that will replace animal skins in fashion and give helpful hints on where to shop for vegan fashion. Furthermore, the talk will shed some light on overconsumption and fast fashion, and share tips on how ethical fashion lovers can curate a mindful vegan wardrobe.

Hunni & Halana Palmer (Yovedic Retreats) – An Ayurvedic and Vegan approach to improving our health and wellbeing

Starting with an introduction on Ayurveda, we will discuss the five great elements and the 3 subsequent dosha’s that exist in us to create our unique body types. We will then be discussing how we can compliment our health by following a plan in harmony with our own unique constitution. So guests can go away with tips they can start today, we will also be presenting an Ayurvedic detox plan supported by a Vegan approach to an Ayurvedic Sattvic diet. The detox plan and vegan sattvic diet induces balance and harmony in all body types and is a great tool for anyone to have to improve there health and wellbeing.

Max Sinclair – The Power of Social Media for Vegan Activism

Can you change the world with social media? How can you use your own social media presence to help move the vegan movement forward?


Exact times and full descriptions and biographies are on this page here.

Lifestyle presentations located on Level 2 of Olympia Central – see floor plan for Level 2 here


Other features at VegfestUK London

VegfestUK London also includes 320 stalls packed with the latest vegan products, a Vegan Food Village with 25 caterers, a New Vegan Support area for beginners to veganism, a Foodies Stage with live music, two Fitness areas, Yoga classes, Cookery Demos, The Art of Compassion Project Exhibition, talks on Plant Based Health and Veganic Growing, the Natural Therapy Zone, the Holistic Health Hub, the Mature Zone, plus talks on Animal Rights and Activism, Vegan Activists Support, the VGN News room and the Animal Rebellion summit.

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