Plant Powered Expo returns for 2021 as an online event

29th June 2020

The dates for the 2nd Plant Powered Expo have been announced – and the event is moving from its home at Olympia to a virtual online platform for March 19th 20th 21st 2021. The event includes a dedicated Trade and Media Day on Friday March 19th, open to professional Trade and Media delegates with an emphasis on the Natural Products Independent retail sector as well as Catering and Hospitality, and then opens to the public for the weekend, with the event free to attend at all times.

Plant Powered Expo Online 21 follows the successful model established for VegfestUK Summerfest Online (August 14th 15th 16th 2020) and VegfestUK London Online (November 13th 14th 15th) in the wake of the Covid-19 crisis, which has seen Exhibitors and Conferences closed since March 2020, currently with no fixed plans in place to reopen.

“The current climate makes the planning for indoor events over 5000 particularly challenging right now” says Tim Barford, manager of the UK’s biggest vegan events and the organiser of Plant Powered Expo, “in part because of the long run in necessary to host an event of this size. It’s already almost impossible to plan for a 2021 event indoors in the first half of 2021, and with the uncertainty in general affecting trade and exhibitions, our move online has opened up a number of exciting possibilities, and we would rather plan ahead with some certainty with what we have, rather than wait for a situation to unfold that currently bears little promise of a return to large scale events unhindered.”

“Although the online platform has some obvious drawbacks, it also has some fantastic potential – not least for the Trade and Media Day” adds Barford. “Plant Powered Expo Online 2021 will have a considerable Trade and Media Day focus, in part because this corresponds with the time of year associated with new products and ranges, and also because we recognise that the Independent Retail sector as well as the Catering and Hospitality sectors, all of which are experiencing a rise in demand for plant based options coupled with unprecedented turbulence caused by the crisis, will also take a little while to settle down with lockdown coming to an end and the Trade re-emerging.”

“By March 21, we anticipate that shops and outlets will have established their ‘new norm’ and will be looking for new ranges as well as new products, which will still be in demand, although somewhat limited, in 2020. The Trade & Media Day Friday March 19th at PPex Online will go some way to helping provide independent retailers and exhibitors with a cost effective, low maintenance, easy, fun, educational, inclusive, eco-friendly and accessible Trade Day that is geared towards the Independent Sector for both retailers and suppliers, and comes into its own right on a number of levels.”

Plant Powered Expo 2021 will go live for bookings for exhibitors in August 2020, with some extended marketing and sponsorship options also available, suitable for a broader bigger online global audience that will attract not just those already committed to a plant based diet or vegan way of life, but also those curious about the benefits of plant based living, and new to the idea. The event will focus heavily on attracting people new to these concepts, with a number of live streams, pre-recorded talks and chat rooms suitable for beginners. For more information about exhibiting at the event, visit the website: