Livestream: On 30th January at 4:30PM GMT, the Vegan Approach discuss ‘How To Stay Vegan After Veganuary’ – VegfestUK Online January 2021

20th January 2021

Livestream takes place at 4:30pm GMT on Saturday 30th January 2021, on, VegfestUK’s FacebookTwitter & YouTube.


It’s that time again, when we let you know of yet another fantastic and informative livestream coming your way for VegfestUK Online January 2021.


At 4:30pm GMT on Saturday 30th January, the Vegan Approach will be presenting live:


How to stay vegan after Veganuary


‘Hosted by the Vegan Approach the discussion will focus on practical advice about how to stay vegan for life.’





The panellists taking part in this live session are Rob Masterson & Liz Readle of Vegan Approach, alongside Diane Smith of Animal Aid, Charlotte Sims who was a Veganuary participant and Chris Mather who runs Sacred Space bird rescue & vegan cafe.



Rob Masterson


Liz Readle


Diane Smith


Charlotte Sims


Chris Mather




Speaking about the Vegan ApproachChrissy Leyland let us know “The Vegan Approach supports people to go vegan, stay vegan and to eat a healthy vegan diet. We achieve this by demonstrating an easy, practical and friendly approach towards veganism”. 


Rob, another member of the group added “I’ve been vegan for close to 8 years now and it’s the best decision I’ve ever made. My aim is to help friends and family try a vegan lifestyle through my fun and friendly approach.” 


Liz, who was brought up on a farm as a child also told us “I’ve been vegan for about 15 years now and I love the new products in the supermarkets but I eat mostly wholefoods and feel great. I strongly believe that a healthy vegan is the best advocate for the animals!”


You can watch back the livestream that the Vegan Approach held at VegfestUK’s first online event Summerfest Online 2020 here:




Animal Aid‘s own Diane, who has been vegan for over 37 years, has raised three children as vegans in the 1980s “when it wasn’t exactly mainstream!” And Charlotte asserted that “Eating a healthy, plant based diet, which I’ve followed since taking part in Veganuary 2015, helps me to prepare for UK and International body building shows”.


If you aren’t familiar with Sacred Space, Chris explained to us that it is a “group of friends running a fully vegan cafe in Hebden Bridge to support our bird rescue – committed to showing everyone that you can have the best tasting food without any animal products.”


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As you can see, the panellists of this livestream have a wealth of knowledge and perspectives between them, coming from a wide range of different directions to the one thing that unites them all, being vegan.


If you can – do share this panel with family, friends & colleagues who you think may benefit from the latest instalment from the Vegan Approach at 4:30pm GMT, on Saturday 30th January 2021.



This is but one fantastic session of many scheduled for the weekend of VegfestUK Online January 2021, on 30th & 31st of this month. If you or you know anyone partaking in Veganuary this year, VegfestUK Online is a great collection of resources at the perfect time. Many who have taken part in Veganuary will be planning how they will continue with their new plant-based diet, and VegfestUK and its collaborators will be here to help and guide you wherever and however we can.


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