Full Livestreams Schedule for Saturday 30th of VegfestUK Online January 2021

22nd January 2021

Good afternoon!


It’s finally time for us to announce the rest of the Saturday line up for VegfestUK Online January 2021 next weekend, with an announcement to follow next week detailing the Animal Rights Activism Summit on Sunday 31st.


So here it is! Some you may know already from this week’s announcements, but the full Saturday 30th January schedule is as follows:


10:00am GMT – VegfestUK Chat: Series 2 Episode 3


VegfestUK Chat is back once again with hosts Tim Barford & Karin Ridgers, with as always, very special guests joining us to start the week’s festivities off with a bang. This episode will feature vegan comedian Carl Donnelly, author Alex Bourke, event organiser Asa Narinder & the founder of ShickenSatvinder Bains.


12:00pm GMT – The Veganuary Panel


Karin Ridgers is joined by lots of fabulous guests to talk about and celebrate Veganuary 2021. Joining Karin will be Toni Vernelli of Veganuary, along with film actress Wendy Morgan & model, vegan Chef Day Radley, A Place In The Sun star Jasmine Harman, and actress & animal charity founder Victoria Featherstone Pearce!


1:30pm GMT – Valentines Dessert: I Give You My Heart’ 


‘One will offer a chocolate heart – chocolate mousse with a crispy filling and a chocolate sponge – to their beloved, and their partner will propose a strawberry heart – strawberry mousse, strawberry and rose jelly, victoria sponge –  to their cherished.’

Award winning vegan pastry chef Danielle Maupertuis will be giving this Valentines Day inspired dessert making class, so make sure you have your apron on and a pen and paper handy! You can read the full announcement and see these desserts here.


3:00pm GMT – Why Healthcare Professionals Should Care About Animal Rights


‘Humans and nature are inextricably connected which has been highlighted by the current COVID-19 pandemic. Should healthcare professionals who are committed to saving and improving human health also care about what happens to animals? Join our panel of expert health professionals to hear why animal rights and human health go hand in hand.’


Plant-Based Health Professionals UK member Dr. Leila Dehghan will host this livestream, which has a full line up. Joining Leila are Dr. Aysha Akhtar, Dr. Buvana Dwarakanathan, Dr. Hayley Tait, Dr. Laura Freeman, Dr. Simon Chappell and Rosie Martin RD.  Read more on this livestream here.


4:30pm GMT – How To Stay Vegan After Veganuary


Hosted by the Vegan Approach, this livestream discussion will focus on practical advice about how to stay vegan for life. With panellists Rob Masterson & Liz Readle of Vegan Approach, Diane Smith of Animal Aid, Charlotte Sims who was a Veganuary participant and Chris Mather who runs Sacred Space bird rescue & vegan cafe. You can read more on this livestream here.


6:00pm GMT – The Things We Don’t Talk About In Business


In business we only talk about success. The stories are told by those who have made the big-time, without always being completely honest about the struggle they went through to get there. In ‘The things we don’t talk about in business’ we take a look at the taboos in business that EVERYONE goes through but few people talk about. We approach the subject with some much-needed honesty about the journey that business owners and those running a business actually go through. That might be the mental health toll of running a business, dealing with challenges that might be invisible to others, or dealing with the reality of debt and failure and how to get through it.


Hosted by David Pannell of Vegan Business Tribe, with panellists Lisa Fox, also of Vegan Business Tribe, One Planet Pizza‘s Mike Hill & Kings Grooming founder Blue O’Connor. This is the latest in a series of honest and thought-provoking livestreams aimed both to help those already with vegan businesses and to encourage those considering starting a vegan business. You can watch previous Vegan Business Tribe livestreams and read more about this one here.



Don’t forget, VegfestUK Online January 2021 is NEXT WEEKEND. The event is completely free, so if you’re able to share the event on social media or tell your friends and family about it, it all helps to reach as many people as possible!


If you would like to support us, you can consider buying some Virtual Tickets online, which are a nominal donation of £5. Thankyou from the bottom of our hearts everyone who does.

Have a fantastic weekend, and we’ll see you next week on 30th & 31st January!