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28th January 2021



Ahead of VegfestUK Online January 2021 – our next online event this coming weekend (30th & 31st) – we are pleased to share with you all some fantastic new talks and cookery demonstrations from our friends and colleagues, along with a little bit of information on who they are.


Just before we dive in, you can check out the whole list of Presentations to date here.


Also, previous Livestreams can be found here, from our August, November & December 2020 events. The January 2021 event livestreams will be available here and on our Facebook, Twitter & YouTube pages.


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Vegan Queen V Performance


Vegan Queen V – winner of the VegfestUK FxEctive Factor in Brighton 2018 – has recorded this unique live set just for us!


A passionate vegan activist and musician, Queen V (or Jen Armstrong) seeks to educate the world about veganism through her songs.


Jen will also be joining us LIVE on Sunday 31st January at 2PM GMT for the Creative Activism panel with Tim Barford & John Robb.



Jen’s website is – be sure to check it out!

You can also watch a previous Queen V set from our previous online event Summerfest Online back in August 2020 here.




Old Skool Vegan Gluten Free Ackee & Tofu Quiche‘ cookery demo with Tony Bishop-Weston


Author and consultant Vegan chef for over 27 years, vegan grandad Tony Bishop-Weston reinvents his classic vegan cheesy quiche recipe (as seen on VeggieVision etc) and creates a gluten free high protein version. Still with Jamaican ackee fruit but with a buckwheat and hempseed biscuit base, a cheesy smoked Tofu and coconut yoghurt filling and a crispy red onion crust.

Tony started winning catering awards whilst running Taigh Na Mara Vegan Guesthouse, Lochbroom, Nr Ullapool, Scotland. Vegan Cookbooks followed and stints at The UK Vegetarian and The Vegan Society before helping start Foods for Life Nutrition and Health Consultancy with his Nutritionist wife Yvonne.


Tony’s latest cookbook is available here.



Tony has been a regular at live VegfestUK events, and again now while we reside online. You can watch Tony’s previous online demos here:


Pumpkin Fondue

4 Different Types of Chocolate Moouse



‘Rainbow Yoga Magic: A Family Yoga Class’ by Rainbow Yoga


Rainbow Yoga is a fun and constantly evolving family mission. Rainbow was lovingly born in 2007, with the mission of nothing less than making the world a better place!

By giving people the tools to teach fun, engaging, and creative yoga classes for kids, teens, families, partners and communities, we bring people together and educate them about kindness.


By creating meaningful connections and encouraging a healthy lifestyle we touch the hearts of many and create the social change we all want to see on our beautiful planet that we are here to care for and to share with all living beings.


Founders of Rainbow Yoga, Gopala and Angel Yaffa run Kindred Spirit Sanctuary, an Animal Sanctuary in Byron Bay, Australia. You can let your heart open and melt with joy and kindness by following them on Instagram here @kindredspiritsanctuary


‘9 Tips For Staying Vegan After Veganuary’ by Chris of Sacred Space Rescue


Chris from Sacred Space Rescue has put together this talk on his 9 tips for staying vegan after Veganuary. Chris will also be joining us on The Vegan Approach panel discussing in more depth how to maintain a vegan way of life after completing Veganuary 2021:



Sacred Space is a team of four friends (Mel, Lisa Chris and Em) who run a vegan restaurant on Albert Street in Hebden Bridge.


The restaurant also helps to fund their bird rescue which they do from their collective homes. Each year they rescue hundreds of  injured and disabled birds and put all of their time in rehabilitating and releasing these beautiful birds back into the wild.


They are currently working towards their goal of opening a sanctuary for injured and disabled birds which will help them help so many more.


You can donate to their crowd funder here:




‘The 2 Big Questions Everyone Has About Being Vegan’ by Jason Fonger


Jason, from Toronto, Canada has put together this talk for us on 2 big questions everyone has about being vegan:



Jason is a passionate educator, popular social media content creator and elite level triathlete. He hosts The Vegan Champion Podcast and speaks to schools, colleges, universities and other groups about health and fitness. You can find out more about Jason on his website:




‘How Big Is The Marketplace For A Vegan Business?’ by David Pannell of Vegan Business Tribe


You may have been told that ‘vegan’ is too much of a niche sector, it’s too small a market or even just too much of a fad to grow a successful business in. If that’s the case then why are so many vegan businesses and brands growing so quickly?


In this 35 minute seminar recorded especially for VegfestUK, David Pannell from Vegan Business Tribes take an indepth look at the size of the vegan marketplace to answer the conundrum: if only 2% of the population are vegan, why are so many companies falling over themselves to bring out vegan products right now?



David Pannell & Lisa Fox run Vegan Business Tribe, a growing support network for independent vegan businesses to work collectively, whilst gaining from David and Lisa’s combined experience in the world or marketing consultancy.


A regular at VegfestUK Online events, David has provided us with a wealth of insights and expertise over the last year. Here is a list of other talks and panels David has hosted that you can watch:


August 2020: The ‘Trends’ Panel

November 2020: How Your Vegan Business Can Find More Customers, Even In A Pandemic

December 2020: How To Get Funding For Your Vegan Business





‘Vegan Supplements’ by Tomm Melody


‘If Veganism ever comes up in conversation it’s never long before the word “deficiencies” is also brought up. Going vegan can be a very confusing time and you would be forgiven for thinking that in order to “stay healthy” you need to reach for a large jar of supplements.


Fortunately, things aren’t quite that complicated and in reality, a well planned healthy vegan diet requires minimal supplementation. In this presentation lifestyle coach Tomm Melody explains how you can use Vegan Supplements to achieve your healthiest vegan life.’



Tomm is a personal trainer and lifestyle coach. You can find more at Tomm’s website and on Facebook.




‘Vegan Meringue Petits Fours & Little Vegan Carrot Cakes’ by Danielle Maupertuis


Danielle Maupertuis for those of you who don’t know, is an award winning vegan (& Belgian!) pastry chef. Danielle has very kindly shared with us 2 of her dessert classes for kids – ‘Vegan Meringue Petits Fours’ and ‘Little Vegan Carrot Cakes’.


Vegan Meringue Petits Fours:



Little Vegan Carrot Cakes:



Danielle has been a regular at VegfestUK events for years, and it’s always standing room only at the live events. Since COVID-19 Danielle has been keeping herself busy, not only with the free classes for kids via YouTube, but by becoming a published author with her latest cookbook ‘Vegans Deserve Better Than A Fruit Salad‘ which was released in December 2020 from Olympia Publishers, as well as offering one-to-ones and dedicated cooking classes via her website


Danielle’s previous demos through VegfestUK Online events can be found here:


A Vegan, Gluten Free Pineapple, Coconut & Chocolate Crumble




‘Rights Violations For Small Children’ by Roger Yates


‘The social values that we hold – and we hold onto them dearly often – are not a product of magic. We are taught them as we grow up. This is the process of socialisation from a sociological point of view. We are socialised by a range of socialising agents, including carers, corporations, and via the books we read. In this shorter version of an earlier video on socialisation processes, Dr. Roger Yates looks at some examples of early socialisation that shape the values of the adult world. In particular, how do we move our children from believing that all other animals are “friends” to the reality of our use of other animals for a whole range of things?’



Roger Yates has been a vegan since 1979. He was the founder or co-founder of a number of “action groups” since the 1980s and is currently the organising volunteer for the Dublin-based Vegan Information Project. He has a PhD in sociology on the support pillars of cultural speciesism.


During the Covid-19 lockdowns, he’s been busy online with The Animal Rights Show, conferences, media, and his own YouTube channel.


You can also catch up on previous sessions brought to us by Roger and from The Animal Rights Show from previous VegfestUK events here:


‘From The Founders To The Future: What Is Veganism?’ by Roger Yates

‘From Animal Farming To Vegan Activist’ with Roger Yates, Harold Brown & Declan Bowens

‘The Animal Rights Show Unplugged’ by The Animal Rights Show

‘What Is Rights-Based Animal Rights? Who is Tom Regan, and why is his work important?’ by The Animal Rights Show

Getting Active: How To Best Help Our Fellow Animals

‘Tom Regan – The Rights View’

‘Animal Rights – What Went Wrong?’ with Ronnie Lee & Roger Yates




‘Veganise Your Brekkie’ & ‘Vegan Junk Food Treats’ by Chef Justina & Chef Ollie


Roving chefs for Vegetarian for Life, Chef Justina & Chef Ollie have each put together a brand new cookery demonstration for us! Justina shows us a few different ways to veganise your breakfast favourites, and Ollie shows off his Mushroom & Chestnut Burgers with Crispy Sweet Potato Fries, as well as demonstrating frying Banana Blossom, often used as a fish substitute in vegan ‘fish n’ chips’:


Veganise Your Brekkie:



Vegan Junk Food Treats:



Vegetarian for Life is the leading authority on diet and healthy living advice for older vegans and vegetarians. Since there are only two fully vegetarian care homes in the UK, one of VfL’s major goals is improve the standard of vegan and vegetarian catering in existing homes.’


You can find out more about Vegetarian for Life’s goals and achievements here:





Latest talks from the Plant-Based Health Professionals UK


Finally on the list for this week are the latest instalments to the Plant-Based Health Professionals UK collection:


‘7 Common Pitfalls To Avoid When Going Vegan’ by Karen Lee:


Following a vegan diet is not difficult but it can throw up some challenges and obstacles along the way. In this talk, Karen Lee explore 7 common pitfalls and shares her top tips on how to avoid them.



‘How To Easily Transition To A Whole-Food Plant-Based Diet’ by Jenny Lusby:


This presentation takes a closer look at the potential pitfalls of the vegan diet and why a whole-food, plant-based diet is so beneficial for good health. It also briefly highlights the important role of plant-based eating in the prevention and management of disease, as well as addressing the common challenges facing those transitioning to a vegan diet. The presentation is aimed at those who are near the start of their plant-based journey and wish to transition to a healthier diet not involving animal products. It addresses the most frequent nutritional concerns and provides pragmatic tips on how to increase your intake of plants whilst reducing your intake of animal products.



‘The Whole Food Plant Based Diet At Home: Achievable, Enjoyable, Undeniable’ by Joseph Lindo-Davies:


This is a plant powered practical guide to getting you back in the kitchen making incredible dishes that are both nutritious and delicious. Home cooking can transform lives by improving the affordability, nutrition and the quality of food enjoyed at home. It is the antidote to the ultra-processed food that now represents over half of the UK shopping basket. Joseph would love you to join him, so he can help you bring the joy of the whole food plant based diet into your own homes.



‘Working Out on a Vegan Diet’ by Mark Stephens:


In this presentation, “Working Out on a Vegan Diet”, Mark Stephens begins by looking at the possible benefits of a plant-based diet in sport and exercise. He then looks at the two principal requirements of a training diet; energy for fuel and the raw materials for recovery. Mark finishes the presentation by looking at real examples of what a plant-based person might eat during the course of a day.  He concludes that a healthy, balanced vegan diet can provide us with all the nutrition we need, whatever the level of our sport and exercise aspirations!



‘Losing Weight on a Vegan Diet – OR – Why You’re Not Losing Weight on a Vegan Diet!’ by Alex Louise:


A talk on weight loss and why choosing a vegan weight loss plan will benefit not only your waist line and future health; but also to combat climate change and protect the lives of helpless animals. Point of view delivered from a nutritarian chef and plant based health coach.



Plant-based health professionals UK is a Community Interest Company dedicated to providing education and advocacy on whole food plant-based nutrition for prevention and treatment of chronic disease. In addition to providing free resources and furthering the vegan message through talks and webinars, Plant-based health professionals UK have just launched Plant Based Health Online, the UK’s first CQC registered plant-based healthcare service.


You can watch more Plant Based Health Professionals UK content on the VegfestUK website here.


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