Forca Vegan and Plant Powered Planet – 2 new free online vegan magazines launched

14th February 2021

VegfestUK are thrilled to announce the production and distribution of 2 new publications – both free, online and vegan.


Forca Vegan is out in Mid March 2021, and Plant Powered Planet comes to life in April 2021.


Forca Vegan has a focus on ethical veganism, campaigns, animals, global activism, vegan arts, performing arts, visual arts, comedy, music, vegan business, events, news, movement history, independents, grassroots, politics and lifestyle, plus a bit about food, bodycare and new products.


Plant Powered Planet has a focus on health, fitness, food, lifestyle, environment, green energy, global food supply, research, new products, recipes, business, developments and mainstream lifestyle plant based products, and is friendly, flexible, fun and inspiring whilst retaining an ethical vegan philosophy underpinning a plant based lifestyle focus.



Both publications will be available every two months and will feature a number of contributors from around the globe.


‘’We are really inspired to be able to continue working on promoting the vegan lifestyle in absence of our natural home – live events’’ adds VegfestUK manager Tim Barford. ‘’We anticipate a return to Olympia at the end of 2022 at the earliest, and that is dependent on overcoming significant hurdles, not least funding and insurance. To work on 2 new magazines for 2021 and 2022 is a real bonus, providing us with a unique mix of creative activism that in some respects more than compensates for the lack of a live event. In particular we can showcase some truly inspiring people, projects and products, and continue to bring the many facets and benefits of veganism and plant based diets to a fresh and widening audience.’’


The magazines are backed by a Crowdfunder, starting Feb 28th and ending April 5th 2021, aiming to raise enough funding to continue to create and distribute these 2 new magazines into 2021 and beyond.


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