New Free Vegan Magazines Launch with Crowdfunder

2nd March 2021

Help VegfestUK with their launch of 2 free online vegan magazines available monthly as they work their way back to Olympia in 2022.


VegfestUK – one of the UK’s original vegan organisations, & organisers of the flagship vegan exhibition at Olympia, have announced their first Crowdfunder as they seek to re emerge as COVID restrictions begin to lift and life – including live events – begins to open up again. With no events until the latter half of 2022 at the earliest, VegfestUK are launching 2 free online magazines in a bid to become sustainable and continue promoting veganism and vegan projects, people, products, campaigns and sanctuaries whilst keeping their core team intact and working towards a return to Olympia.


And to do this, they are asking for help in the way of support via their Crowdfunder initiative starting March 1st 21 and ending April 5th. You are invited to visit the Crowdfunder page here – and consider making a donation




The two new magazines are free and available every two month, online. Forca Vegan joins up a growing global grassroots vegan movement with reports from around the planet, alongside features on activists, animal sanctuaries, new vegan businesses, vegan artists, comedians and musicians, with an additional roundup of new vegan food, skincare and Lifestyle products, plus news of online and live events. The magazine focuses mainly on independents, grassroots and individuals with a strong and unapologetic ethical vegan position and animal rights focus. Forca Vegan will help amplify a growing number of vegan voices from around the world and draw attention to a number of issues that we all share, along with information, inspiration and education to help tackle the challenges.


Plant Powered Planet will focus on health, lifestyle, products, fitness, animal welfare, conservation, global food supply, the environment, agriculture, innovation and solutions to climate change. Plant Powered Planet will have a more mainstream, consumer lifestyle feel to it, whilst still underpinned by a strong ethical vegan position alongside ethical consumer choices and issues surrounding them. Plant Powered Planet will also provide us with a platform to get behind small vegan businesses including the Vegan Traders Union and provide support as they emerge from the impact of lockdown and help showcase a number of new vegan products, projects and initiatives to a growing readership.


The magazines will be published every two months – so each month, there will be some fabulous new content, free, online and available to share globally. And to do this, VegfestUK are asking for help in the way of support via their Crowdfunder initiative.




‘’The new magazines provide a unique opportunity not only to present fabulous content and develop a broader and growing readership,  but to seek sustainable revenue through advertising, sponsorship, grants and marketing options, with a further option of merchandise’’ explains VegfestUK Director Tim Barford. ‘’These give us a realistic chance to establish a sustainable business before the end of 2021, whilst producing excellent content to uplift, inspire, include and inform a growing global vegan community. The success of the Crowdfunder will underwrite this transition and help turn us into a sustainable business to carry the workload of the return to live events in 2022, whilst still enabling us to provide sustained support for a number of vegan projects at a crucial time for many.’’


The Crowdfunder is part of a wider initiative backed by Vegan Business Tribe. A number of new vegan businesses and projects are participating in this joint Vegan Crowdfunder initiative. You can back the companies throughout March to help them reach their goal in return for some amazing rewards and returns.  You can see a full list of companies you can support by visiting the Vegan Business Tribe website at or on the Crowdfunder website.


Visit the Crowdfunder page: