‘Virtual Tickets’: One way you can help us with Plant Powered Expo Online this weekend

18th March 2021

Plant Powered Expo Online – our final online event currently planned – takes place in just a couple of days. It begins with VegfestUK Chat, our regular online chat show with (as always) very exciting special guests (Angie Best, Lorri Delahunty from Vegan Happy Clothing, Rose Elliot the prolific cookbook author, Mark Hanretty from Dancing On Ice and Bettina) and after that we leap into a weekend full of fascinating livestreams on a wide range of topics.


Plant Powered Expo Online 2021 Livestreams


So around about this time ahead of an online event, we tend to ask that anyone who wishes to support us and our online events to consider buying a ‘Virtual Ticket’ for £5 using our Donorbox page. The online events are always free to the public so we can be sure we’re as accessible as possible, so as with previous online events, we do ask anyone who is willing to donate something to us to please do so. You can buy Virtual Tickets here:


Virtual Tickets


We’re a small team, (having become even smaller since the first lockdown in March last year) so whilst this may not be the end for VegfestUK online events, it is for the time being, whilst we pour our efforts into other projects such as our brand online magazines Forca Vegan & Plant Powered Planet. In fact, Forca Vegan Magazine: Issue 1 was released this past Monday so it’s still very fresh.


If you would like to read it you can do so here.



Don’t forget we also have a large amount of pre-recorded talks and seminars both on our YouTube channel (VegfestUKTV) and on our Presentations page on our website:




We are also currently Crowdfunding! You can support us by donating or pledging via the Crowdfunder page too. We’re deeply grateful to anyone who is willing to spare anything for us, and be sure to check out the rewards part of the Crowdfunder page, with goodies donated by our friends at Yaoh and more:





So as always, we really hope you find some benefit to this weekend’s livestreams and resources! If you’re in a position to be able to share any of the offers, livestreams, magazine or pre-recorded talks on our website this weekend and beyond, please do so – there’s some fantastic information from an ever-expanding number of wonderful vegan activists in these resources and they will always be beneficial to friends, family & colleagues alike.