Força Vegan Magazine: Issue 2 Out Now

28th June 2021


Heartened by the reception throughout the vegan community of Força Vegan‘s first issue, we have spent the last little while compiling what wouldturn out to be this – Issue 2 of Força Vegan Magazine. 


In this issue we hear from animal rights activists from all over the globe. Expanding on the global participation in issue 1, we hear from activists in Ghana, Morocco, Palestine, New Zealand, USA, Egypt, the UK and more.


A note from our Editor:


“A warm welcome to our readers from across the globe as we bring you our second issue of Força Vegan Online Magazine, dedicated to animal rights activists and vegan outreach throughout the world. Issue 2 doesn’t disappoint, delivering frontline reports from Gaza from the extraordinary Plant The Land Team, plus in depths interviews with activist and healthcare professional Leila Dehghan, who also presents ‘Athletes, Food, Diversity’, and long term activist Alison Plaumer, recently making the global media headlines with Animal Rebellion. Simohamed Bouhakkaoui updates from Morocco, Maya Cohen – Ronen reports from Wellington New Zealand, Cina Ebrahimi describes first hand some of the recent protests in Seattle, Jenna Kamal brings us news from Dahar in Egypt, Nella Giatrakou features the upcoming Online AR summit in Kent, Roger Yates delves into the world of TikTok and we take time out to visit Tivai and the Vibrant Vegan Society of Ghana.


On a creative note, we were thrilled to catch up with vegan comedian Ishi Khan- Jackson, whilst The Art of Compassion features a brand new online exhibition to get excited about. And check out The Vegan Songstress and their new AR song, plus Benny Malone’s impressive new book ‘’How To Argue With Vegans’. And a quick look at some of the arguments surrounding  ocean documentary Seaspiracy


Our main feature – ‘’Is Your Vegan Chocolate Cruelty Free?’’ – is an insight into the world of cocoa production, fair trade chocolate and child slave free brands, and our final piece looking at the history of the vegan social movement as Roger Yates explores the life of Donald Watson in 1944.


A very big warm thankyou to everyone who has contributed to this magazine. Please do share with your friends, thankyou.”


As with much of our resources, issue 2 is completely free and available to view below. We really hope you enjoy and / or take something from this publication, and we’ll soon set to work on Força Vegan 3, due out September this year.


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