Força Vegan Online Magazine issue 4 out now!

22nd February 2022

Força Vegan issue 4 out now!



The first Força Vegan issue of 2022 is now available to read free online, and as always it’s packed full of some excellent contributions from far and wide. Writers Tom Harris, Dr. Roger Yates & Jordi Casamitjana return for issue 4, along with a behemoth of an article by the much loved Benny Malone – who looks deep into the definition of veganism, including deconstructing some common attempts to circumvent it.


In addition, we hear from activists in Tanzania, Cambodia, Egypt, Ghana, and Uganda (including news on our brand new Fundraiser for BYC / Vegan Uganda FC – more below) and also from Sunny Satva, founder of the Vegan Africa Fund.


We’ve also included news from Animal Aid and Animal Justice Project on their current campaigns, and Scrap Factory Farming update us on their high court action.


Check out the Editors Note for issue 4:


Hello and welcome to issue 4 of Força Vegan Online Magazine as we roll into 2022 – a new year of activism and global veganism to tuck into. And this issue we launch our first fundraiser in a series raising funds for different grassroots vegan outreach organisations every couple of months. First up, we are fundraising for our pals at BYC/VEGAN Uganda FC (see page 42) and are looking to kit them up with fresh equipment and football jerseys, all bearing the Força Vegan logo as they cross Uganda spreading the vegan word. And every two months we’ll be supporting a different venture and reporting back in future issues.


Catch up with activists from Africa & Cambodia in this issue, plus an in-depth look at the definition of veganism, reports from several vegan activists groups in the UK, some of the history of the movement including a look at the women pioneers from 70 years ago, and a host of other news and views from across the globe.


And of course we share the fabulous news that we are returning to Live Events in 2022 with the announcement of VegfestUK London Olympia on November 12th & 13th 2022. Happy Days.


Thanks once again to our fantastic contributors – it’s appreciated.


Check out issue 4 above or by clicking the banner below – and as always, any shares on Social Media, and with family and friends go a long way.