Respected authors come together for new Writer’s Corner area at VegfestUK London

14th October 2022

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The Writers Corner forms part of the COP27 ‘Collaborating on Positions’ Conference taking place on the Balcony at VegfestUK London Olympia Grand November 12th 13th 2022, and features published authors and experts in a variety of fields connected with plant-based diets and veganism. Hosted by actor Mike Kelson, the area finishes each day with an hour of top notch comedy courtesy of comedians Andrew O’Neill, Ishi Khan Jackson, Carl Donnelly and Dave Chawner, but before that an eclectic line-up of writers takes the stage for some readings, questions, discussion, entertainment, education and inspiration.

The area features both expertise in ethical veganism as well as plant-based diets. The rise in ethical veganism this last decade has also seen a proliferation of fabulous authors including Emilia Leese, Benny Malone and Jordi Casamitjana, all writing from a perspective of animal liberation and a moral consideration for animals, helping define veganism as a position we take against the wilful commodification of all animals. Equally so has been a rise of interest in all things plant-based, and as such the value of our plant-based educators has also risen. Authors such as Rohini Bajekal (health), Danielle Maupertuis (Chef),  Heather Drummond (Lifestyle coach) and Matthew Appleby (environment) underline and expand upon the many benefits of plant-based options and the skills required to harness them. They are joined by inspirational and motivational authors Mitali Deypurkaystha and London Todd Sinclair, activist Lynn Sawyer, and academic Dr Andrew Knight for an eclectic line up of expertise and accomplishments, that make for an ideal area for those seeking a deeper understanding on a variety of essential topics.

The Writer’s Corner presents a unique assembly of some of the leading voices in plant-based lifestyles and understanding veganism, and provides an excellent opportunity to seek expertise, understanding and inspiration from some very evolved individuals.






“Stop fitting in when you were born to stand out” by Mitali Deypurkaystha

I will talk about my lifelong journey trying to fit in, leading to disastrous decisions, and finding true belonging by embracing who you are. The audience will gain insights and inspiration on how to live a confident and empowered life, especially vegans and those on the journey to veganism.


“Waste-free vegan compleating” by Ellen Tout

Author of The Complete Book Of Vegan Compleating, Ellen shares how to cook with all parts of fruit and vegetables. Peelings, seeds, cores and offcuts, her recipes reduce waste and deliciously make the most of nutritious parts we might otherwise discard, including lots you might not know are edible.


Workshop: “Real-life Scenarios” by Emilia A. Leese

Come talk about how we might address some real life scenarios of living as a vegan from the book Think Like a Vegan: What everyone can learn from vegan ethics, or bring your own. All discussed in a safe and compassionate space – for vegans and non-vegans.


“A “bible for the animal advocacy movement” – the Routledge Handbook of Animal Welfare” by Andrew Knight

Underpinned by science and comprehensively covering virtually all contemporary animal welfare issues, as well as key related topics such as animal ethics, law and human behavioural change, the Routledge Handbook for Animal Welfare has been described as a “bible for the animal advocacy movement”.


“Living PCOS Free – Healing Symptoms of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) with a Healthy Plant-Based Lifestyle” by Rohini Bajekal

Rohini will discuss her own journey with PCOS and healing symptoms such as acne, excess weight gain and irregular periods. She will discuss why she co-wrote Living PCOS Free with her ObGyn mother to empower others living with the condition.


“The Future of Veganism” with Todd Sinclair

Rebel Vegan author Todd Sinclair will read a snippet from his new book about the future of food and veganism in relation to lab-grown meat technology and the clean meat revolution.


“Trying to Make Vegan Gardening Popular” by Matthew Appleby

Introduction to vegan gardening and allotmenteering and stories about how I’ve promoted the cause from being grilled by John Humphreys on BBC Radio and Richard Madeley on ITV to winning third place in the garden show for my courgettes.


“How to Argue with Vegans – an analytical framework of anti-vegan arguments” by Benny Malone

I discuss my book and how it goes through common arguments used against veganism. Starting with avoiding the subject and attempting to derail conversations, to progressing towards more relevant aspects of the aims of veganism. I will read excerpts and provide a framework for most arguments.


Stand-up Comedy: Andrew O’Neill & Ishi Khan-Jackson

The first instalment from these two hilarious comics – Andrew O’Neill and Ishi Khan-Jackson! Hosted by Mike Kelson




“Re-wilding forests; re-wilding ourselves” by Emilia A. Leese

How did the UK lose its forests? What’s re-wilding? How can it help bring back forests and biodiversity? What can each of us do to bring the wild back in our communities and ourselves? And what does veganism have to do with it all? Find out with a re-wilder from Birchfield Forest Rewilding, Scotland


“Hunting – a guide for anti-hunt and animal rights activists” by Lynn Sawyer

This talk will be about the history of hunting and other anthropocentric behaviours, how this attitude has affected how non-human animals are regarded using hunting with hounds in the UK as an example. Also with specifics on how fox hunting in particular is conducted and how it is being challenged.


“Ethical Vegan: A Personal and Political Journey to Change the World” by Jordi Casamitjana

Jordi’s book “Ethical Vegan”, part thriller, part memoir, and part reference book on the philosophy of veganism, describes his life and what led him to veganism and his legal victory that secured the protection of ethical vegans in Great Britain. Jordi will answer any questions about it.


“Plant Power Workshop” by Heather Drummond

Welcome to the Metaverse! The studio that helped us produce this compelling ‘Plant Power’ documentary was deeply touched by the content and discounted the production by 97%. Most changed the way they eat. So come and be inspired; you’re bound to learn something new and maybe start teaching it too.


“Vegans Deserve Better Than A Fruit Salad” by Danielle Maupertuis

Danielle is an expert pastry chef with a distinguished career and after creating the most fabulous plant based pastries and desserts imaginable she has compiled these marvels into an easy and satisfying book ‘Vegans Deserve Better than a Fruit Salad’ – and a must have for any budding plant based dessert chefs, not to mention those around them.


Stand-up Comedy: Carl Donnelly & Dave Chawner

The second instalment of vegan comedy, featuring stand-up from Carl Donnelly and Dave Chawner! Hosted by Mike Kelson


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