Plant-Based Athletes & Fitness Experts gather at VegfestUK London 2022

1st November 2022

It’s well known now that some of the top athletes in the world have turned to veganism, or a plant-based diet to optimise and progress in their field, and the list continues to grow each year.


Vegan and Plant-Based ‘Fitness’ has been a particularly popular area and overall draw to vegan events in the past, and it’s not difficult to see why. We all want to help animals, and many of us also want to be the best version of ourselves, as tricky as that may be sometimes. The betterment of the self, and of humankind by extension is so ingrained in veganism that it’s not surprising that many vegans wish not just to exist but to thrive, too. We must do better, we can do better, we will do better.


So, at this year’s VegfestUK London – our return I’m sure it will surprise none of you to know, after a 3 year hiatus – we have an important list of athletes, experts and fitness enthusiasts ready to answer your questions, inspire you if they can, and speak to us all about not just your own personal fitness, but also how this can tie into activism.








“Using Sport as a Platform for Positive Change” by Kate Strong

Hear why Kate is cycling 3,000 miles around GB on a hand-made bamboo bike as well as how she’s using her sport to motivate others to take positive action around climate change and veganism.


“Being a Plant Based Athlete for Beginners” by Gareth Langford

New to a plant based diet or want to improve your athletic performance? This is talk for you.


“Lift your game with top health tips from a Pro Cyclist” by Christine Vardaros

Christine Vardaros, a 20-year vegan pro cyclist, shares all that she’s learned while competing at the highest level on a plant-based diet. Expect to walk away feeling inspired and armed with concrete tips on how to positively tweak your own diet to tackle your personal athletic adventures.


“Plant Powered Progress – Achieving Success on a Plant Based Diet” with Kate Strong, Etienne Stott MBE, Dan Tipney & Laura Baldwin

Kate is joined by a number of highly achieving athletes who have competed at top level on a plant based diet.





“Normalising Veganism through Rugby” by Brendon Bale of Green Gazelles Rugby Club

Brendon Bale will share his journey creating Green Gazelles Rugby Club and how he is using this community to normalise veganism through sport.


“Powered by Plants – practical advice for vegan athletes” by Leila Dehghan

Vegan athletes have different nutritional needs than other less-active vegans. In this talk, Leila discusses how eating a sport-specific diet will provide the unique nutrient needs of athletes and demonstrates how you can work the right foods into your training plan in the right amounts.


“Plant Based Nutrition and Optimum Performance for Champions” by Gareth Langford, Harlem Eubank, Sean Carroll & Lauryn Davey


“Optimising Plant-based/Vegan diets for Athletes and Muscle Building” by Minil Patel

Plant based diets have become very popular amongst athletes but how can vegans best optimise their diets for athletic performance and muscle building? Where do vegans get protein? Can vegans build muscle the same as omnivores? What about supplements? Join Dr Patel discuss these questions and more.



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