‘Action For Animals’ Summit at VegfestUK Brighton April on 29th & 30th 2023

17th January 2023

This Spring sees a major ‘Action For Animals’ Summit hosted as part of VegfestUK Brighton at The Brighton Centre April 29th & 30th 2023, with admission free to the public,  and leading animal campaigning groups from around the country gathering to showcase their campaigns, debate key issues and help regalvanise both new and existing activists into getting active for animals again. The long periods of lockdown and COVID-19 and ongoing economic challenges have hit animal activism hard and although some groups and individuals have continued to flourish, many have seen a drop off in numbers, support, engagement, enthusiasm and revenue – the Summit aims to help address this in part.


“The ‘Action for Animals’ Summit at Brighton this Spring showcases the fabulous ongoing work of many of our favourite animal campaigns, and highlights some of the new and exciting campaigns that have developed recently” say the organisers, “and anyone interested in helping animals is invited to attend and see how they can harness their own skills and talents to get not only active but effective for animals. Numerous inspiring campaigns will be on display along with some highly achieving and experienced animal activists sharing strategy, hits and misses and generally helping inspire people back to getting active again, alongside a look at some of the obstacles to effective activism and how to build communities and collaborate across the spectrum embracing both climate justice and food justice.”



Groups like Animal Rebellion will often grab the headlines with their high profile and sometimes controversial but always media savvy actions, but there are a range of other ideas on hand including a talk on creative activism using the spoken word and other artistic and communication skills, as well as ‘armchair’ activism, & understanding the principles of animal rights & veganism, and plenty of other ideas. “The important thing is to try and do something for animals where we can” add the organisers. “We would recognise that being vegan is the number one form of activism and the most important, and that by definition, being vegan means taking a stand against the wilful commodification of all animals, but there are plenty of other very useful tactics and strategies to add into the mix that can really help enhance animal liberation. The summit not only showcases and celebrates but stimulates conversations around these campaigns as well as their effectiveness, and this is much welcomed as the climate emergency demands we get active on multiple fronts wherever we can.”


Admission is free to the summit, although tickets are required in advance, and is part of the broader VegfestUK Brighton event going on that weekend which sees around 200 exhibitors including a host of vegan caterers and artisan food producers as well as some of the familiar vegan brands and charities.


Tickets are available from the website, and full details of the line-ups are available online from March 2023.


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