Introduction to Plant-Based Lifestyles – Hosted by Vanessa Sturman

9th February 2023

VegfestUK Brighton on April 29th & 30th at The Brighton Centre is a free event to the public, and we’re expecting a number of people new to plant-based lifestyles and veganism to attend. With 6 talks areas covering a wide variety of subjects over the 2 days, one area is dedicated to people who wish to discover the benefits of plant-based lifestyles and get an introduction into transitioning away from using animals, and understanding the multiple benefits for humans, environment and animals.



“VegfestUK Brighton 2023 is a community-based event with free entry to the public, and as such presents as an ideal opportunity for outreach and involving people new to plant-based diets” note the organisers “and we are thrilled to present a whole weekend of talks panels and demos that help people gain an inspirational, educational and uplifting introduction to the many facets of plant based lifestyles, as well as useful tips to achieve a sustainable plant based lifestyle with ease. And we are very fortunate to have Vanessa Sturman to host the area – Vanessa has a lot of experience in this field and is a very inspirational individual with bags of enthusiasm and practical support for people new to plant-based lifestyles and wishing to transition.”


Photo courtesy of Chef Henry Hampshire, who will be catering at Brighton 2023 on The Garden Restaurants stand!


The area sees several talks on how to begin on a plant-based diet as well as a look at allergies, health benefits of wholefood plant-based diets for humans, how to help pets and domesticated animals thrive on a plant-based diet as well as 5 easy steps to going vegan, and an overview of vegan fashion and accessories, plus a look at living plant-based on a budget. “This area is ideal for people who really are new to the whole concept , and just the place to ask where you get your protein from, and what essential nutrients are required to sustain optimum health. We heartily advise anyone curious about this way of life to come along and find out more – and are also encouraging people already vegan in the Brighton area to bring friends colleagues and family along too, to give them a fabulous introduction into this way of life. And with entry free, we are expecting a big uptake!”


VegfestUK Brighton is held at The Brighton Centre weekend April 29th 30th 23 and sees around 200 exhibiters and 70 talks and demos over the weekend, along with an expected 8,000 attendance over 2 days. Entry is free although tickets are required, and these can be accessed from February 14th 2023.