50% of tickets taken for VegfestUK Brighton 2023, with 6 weeks before the event

17th March 2023

VegfestUK Brighton 2023 is looking to be well attended come April 29th & 30th, as we reach 50% of expected tickets already accounted for this week.

And it’s no surprise, with some excellent guests and their talks, panels & workshops already planned and announced, with many more on the way over the coming weeks.

So just in case you’ve missed exactly why people are registering for VegfestUK Brighton this year, below is a recap of some selected guests and sessions taking place.


We’ve been releasing speakers, performers & guests steadily, but in case you missed them here’s a few! In order left to right, John Curtin, Juliette Bryant, Ray Star, Kate Strong, Vanessa Sturman, Dr Chidi, Sascha Camilli & Julie Stewart.

Talks & Panels

Along with speakers, we’ve announced the following area line-ups – either fully, or missing or two choice sessions…

Sustainable Futures (Sunday)
Optimum Health (Saturday) 
Wellbeing (Sunday)
Vegan Fitness & Lifestyle
Introduction to Plant Based Lifestyles

Mystery special guests & performers…

We’ve been working quietly behind the scenes, and have connected with some exciting special guests that we’re holding back for now. Keep a close watch on our social media over the next few weeks… We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Ready to register for free tickets? We don’t think you’ll regret it!