Unity in Motion – Tim Barford VegfestUK, 3pm Sunday

26th April 2023

3pm Sunday
“Unity in Motion”
Tim Barford, VegfestUK Manager

Tim Barford, VegfestUK Manager, and vegan for 39 years, discusses the current movement in a short 30 minute talk at VegfestUK Brighton on Sunday April 30th at 3pm as part of the Action for Animals Summit.

The talk looks at 9 key ‘C’s that help provide a route map to genuine mass movement success on the 2 main goals of the current vegan/animal rights/ plant based movement, as well as reflecting the current indications of growing unity within the movement, hence the ‘Motion’ part of the title.

The talk considers the Contradictions of the movement, including the twin goals of climate justice and animal liberation as well as the different animal groups and goals, and underlines the importance of effective Communication between all parties within the movement, to help avoid Conflict, which has held this movement back, and to aid conflict resolution if it appears. Then the emphasis shifts to Consistency, and especially Clarity on positions and the need to avoid Conflation of principles and positions that occur within the movement, for example the differences between a vegan position opposed to the wilful commodification of all animals, and the benefits of plant based lifestyle choices – similar in many respects but different in essential areas.

From here, the platform for Collaboration appears, which is already being utilised by many of the main groups and grassroots organisations – the recent Grand National demos demonstrated that, and the support for the Plant Based Treaty across the board likewise. And then the fun part – Coordination, which can help shift this movement into a truly effective mass movement . And just as well, as clearly there is a Conspiracy to continue to keep animal agriculture off the climate change agenda and keep billions of animals caught in a cycle of commodification. And that will take a mass movement to dislodge and overturn the greatest injustice on the planet.

The talk concludes with a brief look at how framing veganism as Holistic Veganism and taking a pluralistic approach to our movement can help us achieve our twin goals of total liberation and a mass shift to plant based food systems.

Tim says “For decades our movement has been filled with inspiration and incredible individuals and organisations, but too often has been spilt and divided and unable to achieve its potential. The time has come for some genuine movement unity and we have to make sense of what we have in front of us and overcome any obstacles to achieve our goals. That’s already happening and this talk aims to help outline how we can accelerate the process, whilst celebrating those already achieving this.”