VegfestUK Brighton 2023 – Feedback Overwhelmingly Positive

11th May 2023

Over 90% of Visitors ‘Likely to Return’ in 2024


Feedback forms from the recent VegfestUK Brighton have been collated and there are some excellent figures recorded from over 300 visitors, which gives us a really good glimpse into visitor’s feedback and impressions of the event overall. Most of the insights gained have been really useful for future events, and reassuringly positive for the organisers, traders and speakers involved in the event.

“Over 90% of visitors indicated they are likely to return in 2024” state the organisers “and there was some really good feedback from people who aren’t vegan, visiting the event. 30% of visitors weren’t vegan before attending Vegfest on the weekend, and 13% stated they were going vegan afterwards, along with a further 40% increasing their plant-based options ‘a lot’, and a further 28% indicating some changes likely. Less than 16% said they were unlikely to be making any changes after visiting the event. Put into actual numbers, this translates approximately to 215 people going vegan, 660 increasing plant-based options considerably, and 460 making some smaller changes. That’s a lot of very positive change!”



With 5,500 attendees over the weekend, attendance was down on previous pre-covid years, but people stayed longer and spent quite a lot which was refreshing for traders given the climate. “Over 600 people spent over £100 each at the show” add the organisers “and people were staying most of the day. Half the people were attracted by the overall vegan community vibe which harkens back to events over a decade ago, before veganism went mainstream. And people love the food – a quarter of visitors cited the food and another quarter cited the traders and shopping as their favourite part of the show.



“The survey also helped clarify an important point – that most people stay vegan after going vegan. “In this age of celebrity vegans and famous people ‘falling off the wagon’ from being vegan, there is an impression that a lot of people ‘fail’ at going vegan and revert to consuming animals. Our feedback indicates very much the opposite – over 90% of people stay vegan after going vegan, and only a few revert to consuming animals. Interesting too that a 3rd of vegans see veganism as a position against the use of animals, whilst two thirds see it as more of an issue around ‘cruelty’ and ‘suffering’ rather than ‘use’. But only 7% see veganism as a diet. That’s interesting. And most people – 59% – are ‘vegan for the animals’ whilst 37% say they are ‘Holistic Vegans’ – vegan for multiple reasons. This is a really helpful picture for vegan activists especially.”


Full result of the survey can be found here.


VegfestUK moves on to Bristol next for the Bristol Vegan Fayre on September 2nd & 3rd, before hosting the inaugural The London Vegan Comedy Festival on September 30th – October 1st at Kensington Town Hall. Then it’s on to the National at Olympia for the 10th annual VegfestUK London event. Visit for more info about all these events!