Forca Vegan Online Magazine Issue 6 – Out Now

23rd July 2023



Welcome to Issue 6 of Força Vegan Magazine, over a year on from our last publication.

In that time a lot has changed in the vegan movement and one common theme to have arisen multiple times over is that of unity, and working together. Never before has there been such a depth of collaboration between the groups and there’s a real drive to see that increase on multiple levels. This issue reflects some of that growth, including an indepth look at narrative change from Animal Think Tank, alongside reports from Plant Based Treaty, Viva!, Animal Justice Project, Animal Rising and Animal Aid with some truly spectacular campaigns in 2023.
Before that we enter into the world of vegan tattoos alongside the inside story on Lizard Beauty and vegan eyelashes, plus the spectacular work of artist Phillip McCulloch Downs. We go back in time to honour the work of vegan pioneer Arthur Ling, explore the recent podcasts from Think Like a Vegan, pay a visit to Morocco and Ghana and we investigate the level of cross contamination in the production of vegan chocolate.
Then it’s time to relive some of the last 20 years of VegfestUK events as we look forward to our next 3 events this autumn – all that after taking a trip to a Ukrainian Vegan Festival in Kiev. Benny Malone explores the theme of vegan values and I wrap up this issue with a brief look at Unity in Motion, reflecting on the current trend for collaboration.
To start, what could be better than the uplifting story of the all-women vegan anti-poaching group, Akashinga. Enjoy.