”Movement Unity” Discussions at Bristol Vegan Fayre

10th August 2023


Movement Unity is very much a theme for a number of talks, presentations, panels, discussions and workshops at this year’s Bristol Vegan Fayre featuring a mix of national animal groups, local councillors and grassroots activists. Recent months have seen a growing number of collaborations between the main groups and with the common threat of climate change and hastening climate emergency focusing activists more and more to work together, & the mood is very much to help encourage and develop more collaborations and community actions to help achieve a more unified animal and plant-based movement.
With the event free to the public, the aim is to discuss working together more closely in a supportive environment that seeks learning outcomes and is solutions based. The schedule includes
  • Presentation from Animal Think Tank titled ”Communicating Change: A New Narrative Framework for Animal Freedom” – ATT are researching and developing different approaches to narrative framing and messaging around the theme of Animal Liberation
  • Workshop with Animal Think Tank titled ‘Crafting Our Cause: Storytelling for Social Change’
  • Panel Discussions around Movement Unity each day featuring 8 national groups including Plant Based Treaty, We The Free, Animal Aid, Viva!, Animal Justice Project, Plant Based Unis Campaign & Animal Rising looking at ways to collaborate and coordinate on campaigns along with any hurdles that have to be overcome in this process
  • Panel Discussion with local Councillors looking at how to get the Plant Based Treaty endorsed by Bristol next year and some of the recent developments in plant-based options and projects in Bristol, and how people can get involved and help
  • Presentation with Alex Lockwood from Animal Rising – ”Gathering Our Movement Around a Shared Story”
  • Workshops each day with Dan and Michaela from Animal Rising including a session entitled ”What is the Future of Animal Rights – Come and share your thoughts and ideas”   on Saturday, and on Sunday –    ”The importance of nonviolent direct action and how it can drive social change”


Organiser Tim Barford added – ”Bristol Vegan Fayre lends itself as an ideal platform to host these panels, workshops and discussions, and a number of leading animal activists are present to articulate some of these recent moves to unify the movement. There’s a real hunger and drive to get over our differences and find ways to work together, campaign together and drive up the reach and the effectiveness of a myriad of different campaigns running around different themes. It’s a really exciting time for the broader animal liberation movement and the plant-based initiative campaigns and we’re seeing more and more cross collaborations across the whole spectrum. The question remains if we can continue that growth & then coordinate to achieve on a mass level in the same way previous social justice campaigns have done. The opportunity is here and am grateful for the many contributions right now on this theme within the broader movement.”
Tickets are free and everyone is welcome – there’s an abundance of food and entertainment as well as talks and panels and fun for all the family with a Kids area, several bars, DJ booth and around 80 stalls at the show
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FURTHER READING – Forca Vegan Online Magazine Issue 6 focuses on the theme of Movement Unity and you can read online here for free