Plant Based Treaty Comes To Bristol

24th August 2023






Plant Based Treaty Comes To Bristol

Saturday 2nd September 2023 

The Plant Based Treaty, fresh from celebrating their 2nd Birthday August 30th are coming to the Bristol Vegan fayre, with a big stall, plenty of petitions to sign and a panel featuring local Councillors from the Bristol area.


Read more about the Plant Based Treaty here – and please endorse the Treaty, either as an individual or as a business or charity thanks

1pm Bristol City Council Councillors’ Panel 


Host  Josephine from Plant Based Treaty

Panel: Martin Fodor – Green 

Katja Hornchen – Labour

    A chaired discussion where each panelist has the opportunity to talk about the following three questions.

Q1. Why do you support the Plant Based Treaty and how can plant-based living benefit Bristol?

Q2. What sort of projects could you envisage for Bristol to help people eat more plant-based food?

Q3. What do we need to do to get Bristol to endorse the Plant Based Treaty? People are worried about the cost of living crisis, but we must not also forget the climate crisis. How are these two crises connected, how do we make this a priority for the council and what can the audience do to help?     



2pm Councillors Tea Party in the Chillout Room to discuss the PBT further