BVF 23 – Visitors Feedback

8th September 2023

BVF 23 – Visitors Feedback

Bristol Vegan Fayre 23 was held at Document Pennywell Lane in Bristol weekend Sept 2nd 3rd and saw over 3,000 individuals present at the event which was blessed with some terrific weather at the beginning of the UK September heatwave. With the show celebrating 20 years and entry free for the public, the event featured some eclectic stallholders plus a series of talks presentations and panels, some live entertainment and comedy hours and a sweet little yard out the back for DJ’s. Feedback forms were collated from 220 visitors and some great feedback has appeared – here’s a brief summary.

For all visitors

Average Time at Show as around 3 hours
Average Spend per person was approx £35
Nearly half our visitors were attracted to the event by the overall community vibe, the other half came for the food and the shopping
nearly half our visitors enjoyed the food as the best part of the show
92% of visitors said they were likely to return with 42% saying ‘definitely’

Non vegan visitors

Approximately 1000 visitors weren’t vegan – 33%
Of these, only 5% appeared not to enjoy the show – 95% had a positive experience, with 30% ‘loving it’
Only 6% didn’t get a good impression of veganism, with 42% saying it was a ‘really good advert for veganism’
Around 100 people are going vegan! and 370 are increasing plant based options substantially, with a further 280 making changes.
100 people are not making any changes
91% are likely or possibly likely to recommend the event to non vegan friends

Vegan Visitors

Approx 2,000 visitors were already vegan before arriving
52% are ‘vegan for the animals’, and 37% are ‘holistic vegans’ (for all reasons)
27% see veganism as ‘a way of life that reduces suffering of animals’
27% see veganism as ‘a position that seeks to end the use of all animals’
30% went vegan after doing some research online
9% – approx 180 people – went vegan after doing Veganuary
75% said they had ‘never slipped back’ & 16% ‘slipped up once or twice’

These are some really encouraging figures and especially in affecting some kind of change for people new to veganism. Our challenge is to see if we can up that magic ‘gone vegan figure’ and we have some ideas in place for this. The inclusion of a number of sessions dedicated to introducing people to plant based lifestyles has had a significant impact – the introduction of some talks on ‘why go vegan’ and the true meaning and understanding of the animal rights position may well help.

Our thanks to the venue, team, our traders and all our speakers, performers, and panellists, people who helped promote the show, and everyone who came – given the current climate, a huge success on many levels, as always some room for improvement and feedback noted and taken on board.

Full Results are here

The VegfestUK Brighton 23 results from April 2023 are interesting to compare – see here

Show Highlights

Tim & George on BBC Radio Bristol

Panel with Local Councillors and the Plant Based Treaty

Unity Panel 1 with Animal Aid, We The Free, Plant Based Unis and Animal Think Tank

Unity Panel 2 with Animal Justice Project, Plant Based Treaty, Viva! and Animal Rising

Local Media Coverage