Plant-Based Health Professionals UK at VegfestUK London Olympia National

26th October 2023

Find Plant-Based Health Professionals UK on Saturday in the ‘Optimum Nutrition’ room, or at our stall all weekend.  We will be presenting 6 amazing talks to guide you through healthy plant-based eating for all, including your children and your companion animals!

We will kick off the day by going through the basics of how you get your key nutrients on a whole-food plant-based diet, and why this way of eating can help you to stay a healthy weight. We will then cover a wide range of topics, from understanding the similarities between us and our dogs when it comes to health and nutrition, to the very real struggle of feeding children when they are selective eaters, whilst holding onto your vegan ethics.  We will be offering some amazing practical take-home messages, such as Dr Gemma Newman’s ‘six healing health habits’, and inspiration from Jane Thurnell-Read who practices what she preaches with her simple strategies that enable her to live a healthy and active life into her 70’s. And don’t miss our very own bodybuilding GP Dr Minil Patel discussing everything you need to know about protein!

We look forward to meeting you and answering all your burning  questions about obtaining your ‘Optimum Nutrition’ on a whole food plant-based diet.

Plant-Based Health Professionals UK  is a Community Interest Company dedicated to providing education and advocacy on whole food plant-based nutrition for prevention and treatment of chronic disease. We hope to provide a valuable resource for the education of healthcare professionals and the general public alike and aim to empower individuals to take control of their own health and share this information with patients, friends and their families.